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The world's most awful roommate!

For those of you that have had bad college roommates, you should be able to appreciate this story. One of my friends, we'll call him Mike for now, had some alcohol in his fridge like most normal college students. It seems his roommate came back from class and noticed the alcohol. He proceded to go to the library and look up the school's alcohol policy for two hours. Then he went to the RA on the floor, we'll call her Jackie, and explained to her that there was alcohol in the room and he wanted her to get rid of it. Apparently, "he couldn't take the risk of getting caught", even though the alcohol wasn't his to begin with. Mike, a.k.a. "Long Beach", was punished by the university for being in possesion of alcohol while underage (he had to pay a fine, is now on probation, yadayada).

So anyways, basically nobody likes this kid (at risk of not wanting to get in trouble I'll just call the kid "Daved Zolantz). He has no friends and goes home EVERY weekend. So we've "researched" this kid a bit (99% legally) and have learned a few things. Most importantly, he writes poetry and recently won an honorable mention for his poem titled "Lily Petals" (see link below).

That's pretty much the entire story. We're still in the process of finding ways to extract revenge upon this guy (legally of course, we don't really want to get in trouble...too much of that happens already). If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me with them. Long Beach bought an alcohol poster to put on his wall, put an actual copy of the alcohol policy on his door, and put a copy of the RA's report on his dresser so all could see (see link below). I have written a poem to rival "Lily Petals" that tells this whole story in rhyme (see link below). Almost all of it is true (I say almost because David, errr DavEd, didn't actually bounce off a wall). I'll keep this page updated when anything further happens in this saga.

"The Story of 'Vid"