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These first two are from the Noodle Chicken Dinner Theater. I was the "Bingo Master" for one of the dinner theaters (i.e. I called out the Bingo Numbers). I was also the Chef for all of the Noodle Chickens that I was at...hence the Chef's hat...compliments of Beach's father. It's all kind of ironic considering I don't cook.
The second pic is Beach and I burning a book. It was the birthday of one of our hallmates the night of the 2nd Noodle Chicken, and we bought him a book for his birthday. Of course, the little twerp had to study and couldn't make it (this is the same kid who we put the soda cans up over his door). Beach and I were mad that he didn't show up to the Noodle Chicken to get his gift, so we stood outside his window and burned his book!
The beard was a very bad facial decision that I didn't realize for over a year. I've gone through many different facial hair types. Goatee, long goatee, beard. Right now I'm on the "trim every morning, but don't fully shave to get the 5:00 shadow effect 24/7" style. It's much quicker in the mornings and it doesn't look too bad. I was still clean shaven when in Florida for the last three pictures.

The last three pictures are of me in Florida (I just said that huh?:-) ). The first two are when my aunt and uncle took me out on their motorboat. That's the reason the hat is backwards. Fast boat...if hat was forwards it would have blown off. I almost always wear it I'm not really some sort of punk or anything. Just hate combing hair, so I always wear a hat. Other than that, nothing really special about the FL pics. Got kind of burned down there, which is the reason for the red face in the last pic.