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Dale Earnhardt

The Greatest Race Car Driver

Today, Sunday, February 18, 2001 The Man in Black drove his last race. Earnhardt was killed in a fatal accident on lap 199. Earnhardt was fighting to hold off Sterlin Marlin so that his 2 cars #15 driven by Michael Waltrip and #8 driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr. his son could take a miraculous 1st and 2nd place finish. Sterlin Marlin got into Earnhardt causing him to become loose and he hit the wall but not before taking Ken Schrader with him (who walked away from the accident uninjured) So, today we mourn over death of one of the finest nascar drivers and legends. Most of us who saw the race would have said "Dale well be alright he's been in worst accidents" However The INTIMIDATOR didn't make it through this reck. Our prayers should go out to the Earnhardt family, Michael Waltrip, Richard Childress Racing, Earnhardt Racing, and the fans who must cope with this tragic Daytona 500.

DALE EARNHARDT,THE MAN IN BLACK,IRONHEAD,THE INTIMIDATOR and probably many more,these are some of the names associated with this WINSTON CUP DRIVER.In my opinion regardless of what people might call him,I call him one of the greatest drivers to ever compete in NASCAR WINSTON CUP RACING. We can't ignore RICHARD PETTY,he was THE FIRST STOCK CAR KING just as ELVIS was THE FIRST KING OF ROCK N ROLL, but that doesn't mean someone else can't come along later and be just as good if not better.No he has not won as many races as "KING RICHARD" and probably won't,but his career earnings more than triple PETTY'S. The purses are larger now, which is why EARNHARDT is the all time leader in career earnings in the history of racing worldwide,total is over 30 MILLION. "Ra3ce"

February 15, 1998 - After 20 consecutive starts without a victory,Dale Earnhardt, driver of the #3 GM Service Plus Monte Carlo finally wins the most prestigous race in NASCAR.

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