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Command & Conquer

Some Strageties in War Against Others THE CRUISER VACATION Take a 3, 4, or 7 day cruise and blow the lights out of your enemies base. Back up your cruisers with destroyers so they can do the dirty work. Use the cruisers to take out your enemy's base. Oh yeah, you better take the seven day cruise because, cruisers take forever to get to their destination.
THE BAY OF DEATH Play on the map Marooned 2. Once the game has started, check what corner you are in. If you are in the upper right or left, your enemy is probably in the opposite corner. If your enemy is in one of the lower corners, deploy your base on the opposite side of the bay they are by. The bay is in the lower center of the map. Start pumping out cruisers from the naval yard you put in the bay. The cruisers are allready in range of hitting the enemy's base the second they come out! I tried this once and laughed to death when it worked. My opponent wasn't too happy but, I was.
MCV CHRONOSHIFT Use the chronosphere on an MCV and put it next to your opponent's base. Have a barracks ready to place and a Tanya on hold at 99%. Deploy the MCV. Deploy your barracks. Then make the barracks your primary building and finish your Tanya. This also can be used with turrets, tanks, or anything you desire.
BIG MIG ATTACK Build a buncha Migs right away and bring in six or more to attack a building. They will take out the building and return to base. Note: Although this is a very effective technique, you can also dig yourself a grave fast if your opponent has built any defense against planes. Only do this if your opponent's base is unguarded.
CAPE CANAVERAL Distract your enemy by sending in lots of tanks on one side of his base. While the tanks are distracting him, send in six or seven v2 rocket launchers and launch some rockets at the structure of your choice.


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