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[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

RMA = Royal Marines Artillery

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

Vessel:	"HMS Firm" (Royal Navy)
Queensferry, Edinburgh, Great Britain
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
Gerald ELIAS       	U	28 	M	Bromley, Kent, England  	Lieutenant
Thomas ROSE	        M	45 	M	Lambeth, Surrey, England	Engineer
Martin JACKSON    	M	39 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	Boatswain
Chs. WANNELL	        M	36 	M	Topsham, Devon, England 	Engine room artificer
Richard KNOWLES 	U	37 	M	Dundry, Somerset, England       Gr Mr P.O.
Robert READ	        M	26 	M	Horwich, Norfolk, England	A/B
Jno. SKINNER	        U	24 	M	Clerkenwell, Middlesex, England	A/B
Chas BALL	        U	25 	M	Greenfoot Green, Middlesex, Eng A/B
Ed ORCHARD	        U	21 	M	Gibraltar                       Eng Offics servt
Robert LEVY	        U	28 	M	Chatham, Kent, England    	Officers cook
Jno. Geo BEETLES	U	19 	M	St. Lukes, Middlesex, England	Commanders servt
Thomas DREW	        M	35 	M	Westerham, Kent, England	Leading stoker
Stephen GARDINER	U	25 	M	Aldington, Kent, England	Stoker
Richard WALKER	        U	27 	M	Liverpool, Lancashire, England	Stoker
Louis BURGESS	        M	37 	M	Brighton, Sussex, England	Stoker
James BAREFOOT	        U	22 	M	Oxford, Oxford, England 	Pt RMLI
James COMPTON	        M	24 	M	Acton, Middlesex, England	Pt RMLI
Edward MARRIOTT 	M	40 	M	Wymshall, Leicester, England	Pt RMLI
William GRAVES	        U	25 	M	Uxbridge, Middlesex, England	Leading seaman
Thomas STONEMAN 	U	27 	M	Greenwich, Kent, England	A B
William ROBERTSON	U	23 	M	At Sea                     	A B
Harry TENG	        U	19 	M	Stockton-On-Tees, Durham, Eng	Sigl 3rd class
William HUTTON	        U	28 	M	At sea                   	Leading seaman
George ARNOLD	        M	23 	M	Greenwich, Kent, England	A B
James CATTERMOLE	U	20 	M	Diss, Norfolk, England    	A B
Jno HILL	        U	24 	M	Forton, Hampshire, England	A B
Jno RAY	                U	22 	M	St. Pancras, Middlesex, England	A B
Wm. WALSH	        M	37 	M	Ireland                   	Er Mr P.O.
Chs PRATT	        U	26 	M	Scotland                    	A B
Jno COOTER	        M	22 	M	Broadstairs, Kent, England	Ships Ltd asstt
Thomas CHURCH     	U	38 	M	Sheerness, Kent, England	Stoker
Alfred MASON	        U	24 	M	Greenwich, Kent, England	Stoker
Thomas TAYLOR	        U	22 	M	Scotland                  	A B
John LUSHEY	        U	25 	M	Westham, Essex, England 	A B
William SMITH	        U	21 	M	Woodford, Essex, England	A B
Thomas NEEDHAM	        M	30 	M	Hull, York, England         	Eng room ast PO

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