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[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

Vessel:	"H M S Fire Queen"  at Portsmouth Harbour
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
P. LEARY	        U	37 	M	Aghada, Ireland 	        Chief Bosun's Mate
M. KIDNEY       	M	32 	M	Queenstown, Ireland	        Quarter Master
J.J. WETHETO     	W	36 	M	Devon, England          	Leading Stoker
R. REDDING	        U	24 	M	Gravesend, Kent, England	Stoker
B. SAVEY	        U	27 	M	Kraw Country, Africa      	Stoker
J.B. BAKER	        U	21 	M	Enfield Lock, Middlesex, Eng	A B
W. STALLWOOD	        U	26 	M	Windsor, Berkshire, England	A B
W.A. WILLIAMS	        U	19 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	A B
E. PORCH	        U	21 	M	Beckenton, Somerset, England	A B
C. DANIELS	        U	27 	M	Tottenham, Middlesex, England	A B
W. BIGLEY	        U	27 	M	Godalming, Surrey, England	A B
G.R. OXF	        M	28 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	A B
W. MUMFORD	        U	21 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Ordinary Seaman
Willm. H. FAWCKNER	M	51 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	Staff Commander
W. H. WHITE	        M	34 	M	Portsea, Hampshire, England	Engineer
Jms. SHIRVELL   	M	29 	M	Portsea, Hampshire, England	Engineer
H. JONES	        M	38 	M	Southsea, Hampshire, England	Domestic
H. JONES	        M	48 	M	Devomport, Devon, England	Shipwright (Pensr)
H. HOOPER	        U	18 	M	Clanville, Somerset, England	Domestic
Josh. ROBINS	        M	42 	M	Heytesbury, Wiltshire, England	Domestic (Pensr)
W. SMITH	        M	28 	M	Fishbourne, Sussex, England	Stoker
W.J. GIBBS	        U	22 	M	Hilsea, Hampshire, England	Stoker
B. WALKER	        U	37 	M	Portsmh, Hampshire, England	Quarter Master
J. HOGBEN	        M	37 	M	Dover, Kent, England      	Quarter Master
A. RATFORD	        U	21 	M	Millbrook, Cornwall, England	A B
G. COLLINS	        U	27 	M	Knook, Wiltshire, England	Stoker
A. DENT           	U	22 	M	Hackney, Middlesex, England	Signaller (2 C)
S. COLLINS	        M	20 	M	Middlesex, England         	A B
C. CROAD	        U	23 	M	Sedlming ?, Dorset, England	A B
J. JOHNSON	        U	43 	M	Hermitage, Surrey, England	A B

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