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[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

 HMS DASHER at Jersey 1881

THOMPSON William T.     u    31    Kensington, Midddlesex, E.         Navy Lieutenant
GALLOWAY William        u    35    Forfar, Scotland                   Staff Surgeon
WOOLWARD Arfors         u    32    St Peters Port, Guernsey, Ch. Is.  Asst Pay Master In Charge
FROST John C.           m    39    Newton Bushel, Devon, Eng.         Engine Room Artificer
MARTIN Emile            m    29    St Peters Port, Guernsey, Ch. Is.  Quartermaster
HOLLAND Henry           m    27    Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.           Leading Seaman
BOUND George J.         m    32    Landport, Hampshire, Eng.          Stoker
MACE Charles            u    25    Hackney, Middlesex, Eng.           AB
BETTERIDGE George       u    26    Andover, Hampshire, Eng.           AB
PRICE George            u    36    New Ferry, Cheshire, Eng.          AB
FOWLER Henry            m    45    London, Middlesex, Eng.            Carpenter Crew
HALLETT George          u    29    St Helier, Jersey, Ch. Is.         Stoker
KEEFE John              u    24    Cheltenham, Gloucester, Eng.       AB
JARVIS Albert           u    25    St Pancras, London, Middlesex      AB
GAMBLIN Charles         u    19    Landport, Hampshire, Eng.          Stoker
GILLHAM James           u    20    Gosport, Hampshire, Eng.           Stoker
MEMDELL James           m    34    Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hamps.       Blacksmith
EAMLY Edward            u    22    Seaport, Hampshire, Eng.           Writer 3D
NORTON Frederick        m    29    Topsham, Devon, England            AB
FROST John              m    39    Newton Bushel, Devon, Eng.         Engine Room Artificer
HERRSON William         u    27    Liverpool, Lancashire, Eng.        Private Royal Marines
ROBERTS Thomas          w    27    Proset, Lancashire, Eng.           Private Royal Marines
BRYANT Christopher      u    25    Brighton, Sussex, Eng.             AB
NEWMAN John             w    34    Portsea, Hampshire, Eng.           Carpenters Mate
HOOKWAY William         u    25    St Georges, Bristol, Eng.          AB
HARDWICK Thomas         m    26    London, Middlesex, Eng.            E R A (? Engine Room Artificer)
BIRD Thomas             u    19    Burr, Ireland                      Engineers Servant
BRADY James             u    34    Ballymena, Ireland                 Ward Room Steward
HILL William            u    28    Clifton, Somerset, Eng.            Captains Cook
CHILD James             u    21    Kingston, Portsmouth, Hamps.       S S Assist (?Steward's Assistant)
SMITH Walter            u    22    Pelton, Somerset, Eng.             AB
TRISCOTT Ambrose        u    20    Deptford, Kent, England            AB
PHILIP Joseph           u    27    Deptford, Kent, England            AB
ELSEY Joseph            u    20    Battersea, London, Middlesex, Eng. AB
ROLFE William           u    26    Southwark, Surrey, England         Germt? Mate

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