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[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

HMS Dadalus at Bristol, Glos. 1881
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
Robert Palmer CODD	W	46 	M	Devonport, Devon, England	Gunner
John HARRISON     	M	40 	M	Stockport, Cheshire, England	Ships Corporal 1 Cl
Thomas JAMESON    	M	34 	M	Devonport, Devon, England	Gunners Mate
William DAWE	        M	31 	M	Devonport, Devon, England	Armourer
Harry PARKER	        U	29 	M	St Mary Church Torquay, Devon	A B
William RYAN	        U	25 	M	Helston, Cornwall, England	A B
Samuel Charles LANE	U	20 	M	St Andrews Plymouth, Devon	A B
Robert Sidney HUNT	M	41 	M	New South Wales, Australia	Commander
Edward Figgon EVANS	M	51 	M	Triffgarue, Pembroke, Wales	Fleet Surgeon
Robert W. WARWICK	M	53 	M	London, Middlesex, England	Paymaster
William WARBURTON	M	54 	M	Sible Hidingsham, Essex 	Paymaster
William WILLIAMS	M	32 	M	St Mewan, Cornwall, England	Writer
Thomas WOOLLACOTT	M	46 	M	Mill Bay Plymouth        	Boatswain
John KINGSWELL	        M	53 	M	Portsmouth, Hampshire, England	Chief Carpenter
Henry BEULOW	        M	43 	M	Windsor, Berkshire, England	Chief Gunners Mate
James GORDON	        M	41 	M	Liverpool, Lancashire, England	Chief Gunners Mate
Colin DONALDSON 	M	37 	M	Cowes, Isle of Wight, Hampshire	Chief Gunners Mate
John T. CUDLIP   	M	37 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	Chief Boatswains Mate
Daniel WINSOR    	M	30 	M	Prussia Cove, Cornwall, England	Ships Corpl 1 Class
Peter J. WILLIAMS	M	26 	M	Rame Cawsand, Cornwall, England	Ships Corpl 1 Class
Clement ORAM    	M	28 	M	Shoreditch, London, Middlesex	Ships Corpl 1 Class
John J. BLIGHT   	U	31 	M	St Andrews Plymouth, Devon	Gunners Mate
John JACKSON     	M	37 	M	Gibraltar, Spain           	Boatswains Mate
Henry Howard WHITTELL	M	25 	M	St Charles Plymouth, Devon	Coxn Cutter
Samuel PIPER     	M	28 	M	Charles Plymouth, Devon 	Sick Berth Attendant
Michael LAMBERT 	M	35 	M	Dublin, Ireland         	Carpenter Crews
George PETERS    	W	33 	M	Chichester, Sussex, England	A B
William TURPIN   	M	27 	M	Stoke Dammerel Devonport        A B
Sidney C. BENNETT	U	25 	M	St Philips Bristol              A B
Joseph OSBORNE    	U	24 	M	St James Liverpool        	A B
Thomas CLEMENTS 	U	23 	M	Abbotsham, Devon, England	A B
Henry SUARY	        M	32 	M	St Philips Bristol        	Warrant Officer Cook
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