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HM Cutter "Royal Charlotte" 1881



[BS] = British Subject

[For] = Foreign National

RMLI = Royal Marine Light Infantry

AB = Able Seaman

OS = Ordinary Seaman

Cl = Class

HM Cutter Royal Charlotte at Higher Bebington, Cheshire 1881

Vessel:	"H M Cutter Royal Charlotte"
	               Marr	Age	Sex	Birthplace
Charles KAIN       	M	56 	M	Ireland                   	Chf Off Commanding
Alexander MC GANNELL	M	44 	M	Ireland                 	Second Mate
William O. WILLIAMS	M	41 	M	Milford Haven, Pembroke, Wales	Chf Carp Mate
Thomas HAGGATE	        M	27 	M	Clifton, Gloucester, England	Lg Seaman
Thomas STEAD	        U	23 	M	Hodnet, Stafford, England	A B
Thomas SMITH	        U	24 	M	Lymington, Hampshire, England	A B
Francis MINCHINTON	U	24 	M	St Heliers, Channel Islands	A B
Percy SAYWARD	        U	20 	M	Hertford, Hertford, England	A B
Charles SPENCER 	M	24 	M	Swa...ves Field, Berkshire, Eng	Sn Seam Gunner
Joseph J. SCOTT	        U	19 	M	Wells, Somerset, England	Ord
Frederick HAYNES	U	17 	M	Worcester, Worcester, England	Boy 1st Class
William CLEGG	        U	17 	M	Exeter, Devon, England  	Boy 1st Class
Thomas WALLACE	        U	16 	M	Worcester, Worcester, England	Boy 1st Class
William LEWIS     	U	24 	M	Burryport, Glamorgan, Wales	Qt Master
John SCOTT	        M	23 	M	Wells, Somerset, England	Snr Seaman
William REX	        M	22 	M	London, Middlesex, England	A B Seaman
Francis LINES	        M	22 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	A B Seaman
Thomas FOSTER	        U	21 	M	Holbrook, Derby, England	A B Seaman
David WORTHY	        U	20 	M	Plymouth, Devon, England	A B Seaman
Henry LUCAS	        U	20 	M	Plumstead, Kent, England	Ordy Seaman
Walter KING	        U	19 	M	Bristol, Somerset, England	Ordy Seaman
David SERCONIBE 	U	17 	M	Shotwick, Cheshire, England	Boy 1st Class
Murdo MC KENZIE  	M	30 	M	Stornoway Isle Of Lewis 	Chief Quatermaster
George KERR	        U	24 	M	Perth, Scotland           	Leading Seaman
John CHAPLIN	        U	21 	M	... ge, Surrey, England 	Carpenters Crew
Wm. Henry FAIRWEATHER	U	19 	M	Guernsey, Channel Islands	Able Seaman
Edwin NORMAN	        U	21 	M	South Woulton, Somerset, Eng	Ordinary Seaman
William EARWICKER	U	18 	M	                          	Ordinary Seaman

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