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1881 Mariners, Falmouth, Cornwall

Vessel "SPRAY"

JEFFERY George      m    44    Worthing, Sussex                 Capt. F'Man
HEATHER William     m    53    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
BURTENSHAW James    m    38    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
SCUTT Robert        m    46    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
SHORT George        w    57    Worthing, Sussex                 Mate F'Man
BROWN Henry         w    27    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
GRAHAM Charles      u    16    Lucknow,Br Sub. Easr India       Boy F'Man

Vessel " HEROINE "

LUCAS William       m    47    Worthing Sussex                  Master F'Man
BROWN William       m    60    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
HEATHER James       m    50    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
CARTER John         m    41    Worthing, Sussex                 AB F'Man
WINGFIELD George    u    19    Worthing, Sussex                 OS F'Man
OLLIVER William     u    22    Worthing, Sussex                 OS F'Man
WRIGHT Walter       u    18    Worthing, Sussex                 OS F'Man

Vessel " BEE "

BUMSTEAD John Henry m    33    Hastings, Suss                   Master F'Man
FLAXMAN  William    m    52    Yarmouth, Norf.                  OS  F'Man
CHATFIELD William   u    35    Hastings, Suss                   AB  F'Man
SWAIN Thomas        m    33    Hastings, Suss                   AB  F'Man
HART Richard        u    22    Folkestone, Kent                 AB  F'Man
PHILLIPS George     u    20    Hastings, Suss                   OS  F'Man
YOUNG Samuel        m    35    Brighton, Suss                   OS  F'Man
WREN Edward         u    17    Hastings, Suss                   OS  F'Man

Vessel "BARION "

AYLING Ruben        m    56    Worthing, Suss                   Master Fisherman
LAMBETH Charles     m    48    Worthing, Suss                   Fisherman 
BASHFORD James      m    34    Worthing, Suss                   Fisherman
BRIDGER Charles     u    27    Worthing, Suss                   Fisherman
GOBLE William       u    23    Worthing, Suss                   Fisherman 
WEALHAM William     u    17    Lyme Regis, Dorset               Fisherman


PRIDEAUX James      m    45    Porthleven, Corn                 Master Fisherman
MITCHELL Andrew     m    41    Porthleven, Corn                 AB Fisherman

Vessel " CORNUBIA "

WATERS John         u    29    Porthleven, Corn                 AB Fisherman
WILLIAMS Richard    u    46    Porthleven, Corn                 AB Fisherman
JOHNS Thomas        u    25    Porthleven, Corn                 AB Fisherman

Vessel " EMERALD "

TREGAMBO Thomas     m    59    Sithney, Corn                    Master Fisherman
LAITY Henry         m    60    Sithney, Corn                    AB Fisherman

Vessel " J.W.I. "

WINN Isaac          u    40    Porthleven, Corn                 Master Fisherman

Vessel "MARGARET "

WILLIAMS Edward     u    50    Porthleven, Corn.                Master Fisherman

Vessel " ZEBEBDEE "

GURING James        m    26    Hastings, Suss                   Master Fisherman
RANSOM William      m    56    Hastings, Suss                   AB Fisherman
COLMAN John         u    26    Hastings, Suss                   AB Fisherman
GURING Richard      u    22    Brighton, Suss                   AB Fisherman
BUXTON Charles      u    23    Hastings, Suss                   AB Fisherman
RANSOM George       u    15    Hastings, Suss                   OS  Fisherman

Vessel " VIGILANT"

HARVEY Thomas       w    50    Newlyn, Corn                     Master Fisherman
CATTERN Richard     m    26    Newlyn, Corn                     AB Fisherman
HARVEY Joseph       u    21    Newlyn, Corn                     AB Fisherman
ROWE Richard Payne  u    22    Newlyn, Corn                     AB Fisherman
Harvey Thomas       u    19    Newlyn, Corn                     AB Fisherman  
HARVEY William      u    17    Newlyn, Corn                     AB Fisherman

Vessel " CORNWALL"

MATHEWS William Hy  m    62    Porthleven, Corn                 Master
HOSKING William Hy  m    41    Porthleven, Corn                 Fisherman

Vessel " UNITY "

IVEY Richard        u    18    Falmouth, Corn                   AB Fisherman


FARLEY Charles      m    59   Worthing, Suss                   Master Fisherman
EDWARDS Peter       m    65   Worthing, Suss                   AB Fisherman
SLAUGHTER Charles   m    55   Worthing, Suss                   AB Fisherman 
BACON Samuel        m    42   Worthing, Suss                   AB Fisherman   
CREVER Richard      m    26   Worthing, Suss                   AB Fisherman 
WEST Charles        u    15   Worthing, Suss                   OS Fisherman  

Vessel " CYGNET "

GALLOP G.           m    30   Hastings, Suss                   Master Fisherman
RANSOM W.           u    23   Hastings, Suss                   AB  Fisherman
HAYES T.            u    27   Hastings, Suss                   AB  Fisherman
BURNS J.            m    24   London                           AB  Fisherman
BETTS F.            u    25   Hastings, Suss                   AB  Fisherman
HARVEY J.           u    30   Bourne, Suss                     AB  Fisherman
TASSAL W.           u    17   Hastings, Suss                   AB  Fisherman      

Vessel " MISTLETOE "

HICHENS John        m    55   Paul, Corn                       Fisherman
ROWE William        w    24   Penzance, Corn                   Fisherman

Vessel " GOLDEN CITY "
STOKES Thomas       m    33    Plymouth, Dev                   Master F'Man
FORD John           m    46    Plymouth, Dev                   AB  F'Man
LAPPIZ Charles      m    32    Plymouth, Dev                   AB  F'Man
MURRAY John         m    37    Plymouth, Dev                   AB  F'Man
LILLICRAP Walter    m    26    Plymouth, Dev                   AB  F'Man
TUCKEY Charles      u    15    Plymouth, Dev                   OS F'Man

Vessel " PARAENSE "
KAAS Charles Conrad m    46    Christianna, Norway             Master MS
WILSON James        m    38    Liverpool, Lancs                mate MS
WILBER John T.      m    33    Whithaven, Cumberland           2nd Mate MS
MARTIN John         m    26    Liverpool, Lancs                3rd Mate MS
HALLIGAN Richard    w    49    Waterford, Ire                  Carpenter. MS
GILLESPIE Michael   u    25    Philadelphia, US                Boatswain  MS
DAVIS Frank         m    30    Valparaiso, Chile               Lamp Trimmer  MS
TOMKEWITH A.        m    28    Memel, Germany                  AB  MS
STUART David        m    32    Liverpool, Lancs                AB  MS
WALLS Thomas        m    34    Liverpool, Lancs                AB  MS
HERRELL H. John     ---  ----  Liverpool, Lancs                AB  MS
JOHNSON Niels       u    27    Christiana, Norway              AB  MS
WATERSON Robert     u    22    Pt. St. Mary, IOM               AB MS
HUGHS J.R.          u    20    Penzance, Corn                  AB  MS
SARGENT Alfred      u    22    Cowes  IOW                      AB  MS
POWELL William      u    24    Liverpool, Lancs                AB  MS
BLACK William       u    26    Danzie, Germany                 AB  MS
POTTER James Edward m    36    Liverpool, Lancs                1st Engineer
REID David          m    30    Aberdeen, Scot                  2nd Engineer MS
DODSWORTH William   u    30    Manchester, Lancs               3rd Engineer MS
FARRELL George      m    35    Dublin, Ire                     Storekeeper, MS
SWIFT Robert        u    27    Dublin, Ire                     Fireman MS
CARROLL John        u    38    New Ross, Ire                   Fireman MS
HOLCK Jacob         u    28    Bergin, Norway                  Fireman MS
DEVANEY John        m    37    Liverpool, Lancs                Fireman MS
MAHER Henry         m    28    Dublin, Ire                     Trimmer  MS
FLAHERTY John       u    21    Liverpool, Lancs                Trimmer MS
SCHULTZ William     m    27    Hamburg, Germany                Trimmer MS
BLAIN Thomas        m    41    New Ferry, Cheshire             Chief Steward MS
RIGBY Alfred        u    22    Liverpool, Lancs                Steward MS
ESTLIN Edgar P      m    44    Liverpool. Lancs                Steward MS
JONES Richard       u    20    Birkenhead, Chesh               Steward MS
COWAP Frederick W.  u    20    Chester, Chesh                  Steward MS
HARGREAVES J.A.     u    21    Liverpool, Lancs                Steward MS
MURPHY James        m    39    Newry, Ire                      Cook MS
MARTIN Thomas       m    32    Chester, Chesh                  Cook MS
HEALEY William      w    35    Chester, Chesh                  Cook, MS
MESSETT John        m    28    Liverpool, Lancs                AB  MS

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