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As we are in the 6th decade of the nuclear age the threat of a full scale nuclear excange today is very slim. But a nuclear release is possible. Crumbling Russia's economy crisis leaves many nuclear scienists out of jobs and money and up for bid to third world countries hoping to start a nuclear program. Today the threat of a nuclear release by a terriost group or a rival country within our borders is possible. With North Korea's missle program and secret nuclear program, the next Korean War could reach the U.S. mainland. The facts on survival must be known to the public in order for them to protect themselves. The information in these pages in meant to prepare you for the impossible, which is becoming possible.

"It was hell all over the city. I don't think I can decribe a ten-thousandth of the reality by.... telling a story. I think only those who experienced it can understand.... Black rain was falling."

Hamano Matsushita

A Hiroshmia Survivor quoted in Unforgetable Fire

Essential Items

Filtering Radioactive Water

Improvised Toilet


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Cooking Oil Lamp

Electricty Free Fridge

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Great Peice of Property!!!!

There is a very unusual piece of property that is for sale in N. Arkansas. It is a huge clear water spring, average flow 5 million gallons per day!! situated on 90 acers. The property is private, with cabin, barn, garden, electric and telephone utilities on site. The property is 1/2 mile off of a year round creek. The spring has been consistently tested pure. There is also a secret cave behind the spring that can only be accessed by swimming underwater. Please visit the link, it provides pictures and details.

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Water Test Results By National Testing Labrotories

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