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  • (BREAKFAST): grapefruit OR 4 oz. of 100% (no sugar added) grapefruit juice, at least 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon each, 2 glasses of water, and *IF* desired, 1 (only) cup coffee, or tea.
  • (LUNCH): grapefruit OR 4 oz. of 100% (no sugar added) grapefruit juice, salad w/ dressing (see #9 & #10 below for clarification), meat, fish or fowl, any style except breaded, 2 glasses of water, and *IF* desired, 1 (only) cup coffee, tea, or diet soda.
  • (DINNER) grapefruit OR 4 oz. of 100% (no sugar added) grapefruit juice, meat, fish or fowl, any style except breaded, any vegetable that has a carbohydrate count of no more than 5 grams per half-cup serving (cooked in butter and any seasonings) and/or salad, 2 glasses of water, and *IF* desired 1 (only) cup coffee, tea, or diet soda.
  • (SNACKS): water only
  • (BEDTIME SNACK, *IF* needed): 8 oz. glass of skim milk or tomato juice (not V-8 juice).
  • (1) At ANY meal you may eat all you want until you are full and satisfied (EXCEPT the grapefruit). You must eat the minimum listed at each meal.
  • (2) Don't eliminate anything from the diet; especially, don't skip the bacon at breakfast or omit salads. It is believed by some that it is the combination of foods that burn fat.
  • (3) The grapefruit or juice is important to eat/drink because it is believed by some that it acts as a catalyst to start the fat burning process. Do not eat more than 1/2 a grapefruit (about 2/3 cup) per meal or 4 oz. of grapefruit juice.
  • (4) It is believed by some that the caffeine in coffee, tea, and sodas affect the insulin balance that hinders the burning process so it is recommened that these, if any, be limited to one cup per meal time, but preferrably none.
  • (5) Don't eat between meals; if you get the combination of foods suggested you will not get hungry. If you find you ARE getting too hungry, eat more at your meals.
  • (6) The diet mainly eliminates sugars and starches, which form fat. Fat does not form fat, it helps to burn it.
  • (7) If you desire it, you may double or triple helpings of meat, salad or vegetables at meals to eliminate hunger between meals.
  • (8) If you prefer to drink your water other than with meals, make sure that you drink a MINIMUM of eight (8 oz.) glasses of water, PLUS one 8 oz. glass for each 25 lbs. you are overweight, everyday.
  • (9) You may NOT have most dairy (including cheese), Avocado, Desserts, Breads, Potatoes, Carrots, Dried beans, Peas, Beets, Onion, Cereal, Corn, Starchy vegetables, Potato chips, Pasta, Corn chips, Jelly or jam, Sweet pickles, Pretzels, nuts, Fruit, Low-fat/Fat free or diet dressings. Do not eat anything that isn't on the list.
  • (10) You MAY have Bean Sprouts, Tomato, Cauliflower, Celery, Mushrooms, Scallions, Bell pepper, Radish, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Turnip Greens, Turnips, Mustard Greens, Dandelion Greens, Broccoli, Cucumber, Spinach, Cabbage, Green Beans, Eggplant, Crookneck Squash, Zucchinni, Okra, Lettuce, Jicama, Spaghetti Squash, Mayonnaise, Reg. dressings for salad (low in carbs and not "mayonnaise-type" salad dressings, like "Miracle Whip" brand), beef, pork, ribs (no sauce with sugar), sausage low in carbs, chicken, turkey, fish, tuna, liver & other organ meats (these contain carbohydrates, as do crustations, and recommended on one's 2do for best results), chops, roasts, scallops, shrimp, lobster, crab (NO artificial seafood), home-meat meat broth/stock (Homemade is best since you can control the ingredients making certain that all components are "legal." Canned broth is not acceptable because it contains corn syrups and -tose ingredient and cause cravings. A sugar-free canned broth may be acceptable if one exists. Be sure to read labels carefully, to avoid sugars and sodium, to get the lowest carb count possible. Maximum is 5 grams carbs per 1/2 cup. Sodium sensitive dieters should also be wary of the sodium content, as higher sodium may cause water weight retention.) Vegetable stock is not recommended as it can be higher in carbs. Broth/stock should not be used as a replacement for meat/protein at a meal. Pork rinds may be eaten in moderation with meals only, and not used as a snack. Pork rinds with flavoring should be avoided because they have added carbs. Do not eat pork rinds in place of your meat serving and be aware of the sodium content as it may cause water weight retention in some people.
  • **IMPORTANT** Stay on the diet 12 days and stop the diet for 2 days then start again after two days, as needed. You may eat ANYTHING YOU DESIRE on your two days off. However, your weight loss may be faster if you simply take a break from the 12DD but not pig out. Even if you pig out, you will lose, it will just take much longer, as you will gain during your two days off. While on your 12 days, between meals, drink all the water you can, especially if you're feeling hungry. Drinking diet drinks are not encouraged. This is not supposed to be a "quick weight loss" diet. (The Maintenance plan, after reaching your goal weight, is five days on, 2 days off.)
    > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The 12-Day-Diet is neither a high protein diet nor a zero carbohydrate diet. It is based on one of the many versions of the 'so called' "Mayo" clinic diet (also referred to as the "Grapefruit" diet, "Water" diet, "Egg" diet, "Air Force" diet, and similar diets of various names. No one associated with the 12 Day Diet Email Support List is qualified to dispense medical advice, nor are we experts on lowcarb diets. All statements reflect information accumulated from the readings and experiences of participants in various lowcarb discussion groups. If you have a medical question, please consult your doctor. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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