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The LORD is upon me. My spirit is restless and I can't seem to go to sleep, I know that the Lord is trying to tell me something. It comes when I am still and quite. It doesn't come in spoken words, is seems to be relayed to my spirit. That is why I am restless during these nights. I am receiving the teachings of GOD. After GODS word has come through, I immediately began to receive his word through my spirit in words I can understand.

One night when I was praising GOD for His word, I asked Him, Lord thank you for your word. It is a blessing to my soul. How am I going to remember what you have given to me? My answer was immediate. ‚ úYou will not forget, it is part of your spirit now and that is the place where I dwell. Write it down and pass it on.

This is what the Lord has taught me.

As it was in the garden, man was tempted by Satan and became separated from GOD, and so the era of sin began.(Gen.3:2-8) When Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit and their eyes were opened,(Gen.3:7) sin at that point dwelled in their bodies.

Before sin came in the world, Adam and Eve didn't know it even existed. God gave all that was good to them. (Gen1:26-28) The charge over all animals and the land give its fruits abundantly (without Adam having to do anything to help it grow.) There only duty was to populate the earth. Adam and Eve were in a perfect relationship with God Himself. All things were there for them to partake of, without any guilt or second thought of it being right or wrong, good or bad. There was no sin in anything they did, because GOD Himself directed them. The only thing God asked was that they not eat from a certain tree (Gen2:17). On the day they should eat from that tree, would be the day that death would come into existence for them.

The day Adam and Eve eat the fruit off the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, everything changed. First, they knew they were naked. This is where it gets interesting. There was no sin in being naked. The sin appeared when they knew they were naked.(Gen3:6-7) At that point they were separating themselves from God, without even knowing it.

Think about this, in essence this is what Adam and Eve experienced when they ate that fruit. The very first thing that happened was they realized they were naked. Do you know what that signifies? It signifies that they had come into the realization of there existence. Knowing and have the knowledge of self. Adam said, I am naked and Eve said. I am naked. In knowing they were naked, they immediately thought to hide themselves from the presence of GOD, thus the beginning of our separation from GOD. (Gen3:7-13)

Satan told Adam and Eve they would not die if they ate the fruit, but would become like GOD if they did. (Gen3:4&5) That was the first lie of Satan and after that lie he didn't have to say anything else for a while because the dye was cast. Satan had corrupted the fruit of GOD.

Coming into the realization of ones self puts you in a position to make your own decisions and also brings your own WILL into play. When Adam and Eve were in the garden, they were in the WILL of GOD. It was the WILL OF GOD that was being done without question by Adam and Eve. Being without sin and having no independent thought outside of the WILL OF GOD. (Gen2:24-28)

When Satan brought forth the I AM, I WILL, and the I THINK¬ mentality into the world, (Gen3vrs4) coupled with having the knowledge of good and evil, he knew he had won that battle. He sat out to bring mankind into his captivity and bondage. How did he do that? Satan's WILL had began to manifest through mankind now that they had the knowledge and a will of there on, independent from GOD (Gen3:4&5). Satan was determined to give them the I THINK, I WANT¬ , I AM, I WILL into there minds. Taking mankind further and further away from there creator GOD.

God already knew if they were allowed to continue to eat from the tree of life and drink from the living waters to live forever AND ALSO have the knowledge of good and evil, then the world He created would be ruined in a short time and mankind along with it. Man may have had the knowledge of self, but he didn't have the righteous knowledge of what to do with it. Without being in the true and perfect WILL OF GOD, mankind was persuaded by the powers of Satan. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end thereof is destruction.

Mankind is trying to become his own GOD with the I AM mentality. What exactly does that mean? It is saying, I am my own creator, I create my own destiny. The MY WILL be done on this earth. I don't know why a person would think that, because it will never get any further than this earth. The bottom line is, WE CAN NOT SAVE OURSELVES.

We are spiritual creatures, having a human experience, given to us by GOD. Through our own will have we turned GODS creation into a den of unrighteous evil doers that call there will good. When destruction and ruin comes upon us, we don't know what to do. That is when Satan backs back and leaves us to figure it out for our selves. Sometimes at that point we don't know anything else to do but call on the Lord for help. There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end thereof is destruction.

Why wait until that day, the time is NOW. GOD has been knocking on the door and calling your internal phone for years, when are you going to answer? Don't be afraid, because GOD loves you and He still wants the best for you. You are His creation. That is why He sent His son JESUS to die on the cross for your transgressions. So that who so ever calls on his name will have access to Him, through the blood of JESUS CHRIST. He is our high priest now and forever. Who makes intersession for us continually.

We as GODS people should take the I out of our mouths and replace it with GOD WILL BE DONE, in the conducting of the life He his given us. Start living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of GOD. We are to be born again, becoming a new creature and surrender our will in submission to GOD in our minds and heart. HIS spirit will in turn be merged with us, so that we may become filled with His spirit. Therefore goodness will follow us as we journey through this world.

Just think about what's happening in the world today. You see it's not the things we do or say or feel that the problem derives from. In having the knowledge of a thing or doing a thing isn't wrong in itself, it's having the knowledge of and doing it without the inspiration of God that makes it a sin. Adam and Eve made the decision to eat the fruit without the OK from GOD. Sin in essence means you are doing something that is for your own benefit and approval and not for the approval and love for or from your God.

Satan is now able to persuade us to do things the way we think would make us happy. It is not spiritual, it is ruled by our senses not our minds. The mind is involved to a certain extent but it's the senses that make you WANT. It is not the way GOD would have us do the same thing in His way and with His blessings.

Scripture says, All things work together for good to those that love CHRIST. That means what ever you do, put GOD first and seek His approval. When you get that approval, then you can go ahead and do or have whatever it is that your heart desires. There is no sin in it and you still have a spiritual connection with God.

Seek a spiritual relationship with God, because in Him all blessings flow. The only way you can do that is with you mind. Constantly in prayer and praise to your Lord Jesus Christ, who is the living WORD OF GOD. Who came over 2000 years ago to proclaim the Good News. We do not have to remain in captivity by Satan. God's way is the only way to receive our eternal life with GOD that was stolen by Satin. We were not listening then and we are not listening now. This world wasn't supposed to be the way it is now. We are all self serving. All is vanity, if not approved by God. That is why the polar ice caps are melting and deadly gases are escaping into the atmosphere. Our vanities are destroying the earth. God said He will shorten that time because if He didn't all flesh would perish. These days are the last days.

Our LORD sent down from heaven His son, Jesus Christ to redeem mankind from the bondage Satan held them in. To do this Christ had to be born in the flesh and live an exemplary life without sin. Even upon His death, Christ did not sin. He asked for forgiveness from His father for those who persecuted and sentenced Him to death.

It was the blood of JESUS that was shed on the Calvary for our sins that made it possible for us today to have a relationship with JESUS AND THE FATHER. That means JESUS is now our high priest forever. In biblical times the priest had to make a yearly sacrificial blood offering to GOD for atonement on behalf of believers as well as themselves. CHRIST being without sin and by shedding His blood as a sacrificial offering, only had to do it one time, being that He was the son of GOD and without sin is now our high priest forever.

When Jesus died, He went into hell to battle Satan and to take the keys of choice from him, thus making it possible for mankind to have a way out of the captivity Satan had imprisoned them in. This is why the only way we can have a relationship with GOD is through Jesus Christ, because Jesus holds the keys to unlock the dark prison of our mind (which is captivity) and let in the light of the Lord. We are not our skin¬| we are a spirit that dwells within it.

Satan wants us to think that our body and this life is all we are and all there is. He captivates us with the pleasures of the flesh and everything we can do while in the flesh and in the world. Our spirits become dark and the sense of GOD is dulled and made distant. Satan has pulled out all the bells and whistles to make us feel this is all there is and that there is nothing else, making it seem impossible (but not totally impossible) for us to connect or have a true relationship with our GOD.

God created the world and God created you. If you didnít know, we were in heaven first, before we were on earth. The devil and one third of the angels that were in heaven were already cast out.

God had to know if the spirits that were still there were faithful to him and could not be moved from there place with God. Therefore, God in his infinite wisdom, decided to send every spirit down to earth (which was made by Him.) to test us to be sure of our loyalty to Him. The devil had dominion on the earth, thus he is the prince of the world..

We were not made to have fun or live the life we want on this earth. Instead, we were put here to make a decision as to whom we will serve, ie., God or the devil. All memory of our heavenly life was wiped out, to go though the whole experience of this life.
We are given the good things of this world and the bad things as well. That is why God makes the sun shine on all. It is left up to each soul to decide if they want to follow after God or live a life that follows after Satan. Who tempts us into wanting the things of this world, which is an illusion. It is not why we were put here. God pitches His cause through the church and thru the spirit of the holy ghost. God and Satan canít reside in the same place, here on earth. Those who are faithful and are transformed to the image of God, return to God and those who are transformed to the spirit of Satan, go with him.
We are given a certain amount of time to make up our mine, TIME, is almost up. Things are winding down now, you have to make up your mind NOW. God will make up your mind for you, if you donít choose. He will tell you: ďGet thy hence, I never knew youĒ.

Do you want that to be you?

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Jesus came, because mankind was under another law which Satan had dominion over. Our Lord, being the righteous God that He is, did not just overtake what Satan had done (by causing Adam and Eve to sin) and bring us unto Himself. Rather, he made a pathway for us through Jesus Christ to take if we truly wanted to live in the light of His glory. Giving us a choice to be awake in the light or remain asleep in the darkness of our minds and living from the surface of our flesh. Which makes us the walking dead and being born again in baptism opens the door to salvation and becoming saved through Jesus Christ who holds the keys to let us out. We only have to believe Jesus is who He is.

Living from the surface of our flesh, means our thoughts are blocked by Satan≥deception, to GODS destination for us. Our true nature (GODS nature) is within us, but we are asleep in our minds. This reminds me of the scientists who say we only use about 10% of our brain and our minds are capable of so much more. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to use that other 90%? That is where the Garden of Eden resides. That is where all things are possible through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our flesh outside of our internal organs, have five senses which make up the majority of what we tend to think is US in total, when the spirit of GOD is not dwelling in us.

Let's take a look at our senses for a moment, which the bible correlates as being THE FLESH.

1. THE EYES: we see or look at what is outside of our bodies, the things that Satan has put in front of us. Satan deceives us from A to Z with all manner of temptations that we totally fall for. We allow ourselves to believe these lies because for the most part they are pleasurable to our senses. The lust of the eyes will send you straight to hell. The bible says, So a man thinks, so is he,and what does that say to you. I once heard that each time we replay a memory in our minds, (weather it be good or bad), its as good as committing the act over again. It also counts as a separate sin, because we still have it in our hearts. More on that subject later. What you allow your eyes to see and take pleasure in makes the difference.

2. THE HANDS: the sense of touch and the things our hands find to do outside of our body. The sensations we give or get from others. Our hands, (in my opinion), is the #1 cause of sin that most people commit blindly. Its what you do with your hands and the pleasure you receive from it that make the difference. Give or Take.

3. THE NOSE: we breathe in the smiles that are pleasant to us or not so pleasant, which forms an opinion in our minds of what we like and don't like. If that sensation serves self it seems all good to us. Its what you allow your nose to experience and take pleasure in that make the difference. Think about it for a moment.

4. THE EARS: we listen to negative input from Satan, in all categories like: music, television, the news (which in my opinion is a form of tale bearing from the bible), to the negative input from other people that we listen to. This input my not be all negative, its the way we perceive and what we allow our ears to hear and believe that makes it a positive or a negative. Satan makes us think that what we hear is OK. He makes us feel that deceitful words from others, is somehow the truth. He makes us feel a lie is the truth. The lies I am talking about are the lies that Satan through others leads us to believe.

5. THE MOUTH: the mouth is certainly sharper than a two edge sword, it can lift up or it can cut down. The mouth usually says what it wants to say. Many of us tend to say the first thought that comes to our mind and not think any deeper. The attitude of man is basically not a positive one. If we can say something negative about someone that pulls them down, it feels more natural than to speak a blessing over that person or situation. We think also that while speaking negatively lifts us up in our minds thus creating pride and high mindedness in the presence of others, basically being our on God. It wants to indulge what it wants to indulge in like: lies, food, sex, idle chatter that is neither here or there and mind altering drugs and alcohol, which is honestly called a spirit, is not that ironic. This indulgence is certainly not of GOD, We don't let GOD guide our tongues because we are disconnected from him, we have not chosen Him as our Lord and Savior.

These senses cause our minds to become captive from the outside of the body or the flesh to the inside. The five senses GOD gave us are supposed to be used for the good and to make it possible to live the experience of this world while we are in the flesh.

GODS law is that we live from the inside, (where the spirit dwells) to the outside. His light can shine through to the outside and allow Him to guide us in the world. Where do you think the word SIN came from? Could it possibly derive from the word ‚ úsense‚ , I know the spelling is a little different but it is something to think about.


To deny the flesh is to live for GOD from within your mind and spirit. When you live for GOD, your spirit is able to communicate with the Holy Spirit which will guide you. Living for GOD will enable Him to come into your life on this earth and guide you through the snares Satan has waiting for you around every turn. You have to believe that GOD is who He is and trust that He can do what He said He will do in your life. For HE is the GREAT I AM. Don't leave it up to chance because chances are you won't make it if you do. Don't worry about what you are going to do. Leave it up to GOD and trust his word. The only thing, we can do is watch, pray and wait on GOD. When you decide to do this on your on, the devil can and will try to reek havoc on your life. Put on the armor of GOD, it will protect you.

Satan is a lie, he has no power over you. The only power he has is the power you give him by accepting his lies as truth. He does not want you to know that you are redeemed and have a choice of who you want to serve. He wants you to die in your sins, not having the knowledge that your sins can be overturned and become works of CHRIST. So he lies about what is considered good in this world, blowing it up to an extreme proportion to blind us of the truth.

This is NOT all there is. Through the grace of GOD He will come to our defense and make that way out of no way. The sin that seemed to be embedded inside can be cast away. GOD will make the choice evident, it will be up to you to decide to live in the darkness of the flesh which is death or live in the light of the spirit of GOD, which is life.

Some might say what you do is a sin. What they don't know and what they don't have not done is give GOD a chance to do the same in there lives, like dwell in them is the difference between it being a sin and being from God. If you serve God with your mind, then what would ordinarily be called sin is no more sin, because the sin that dwelt in you at one point in your life, does not have dominion over you now, through JESUS CHRIST our Lord, you are redeemed.

Giving all praise and glory to our LORD, JESUS CHRIST

This insight was given to me early one morning while I was in bed. GOD is so wonderful, that He put it upon my nieces heart to call immediately after this knowledge came to me. My niece never calls that early in the morning, praise GOD. I believe she called to confirm GOD word.

We are not called to judge in this world. If GOD wanted us to judge, He would have gave us the capacity to have a more righteous existence. When we take it upon ourselves to judge others we are taking the glory and honor from GOD, becoming our own mini gods.

At the time that we unjustly judge a person, our thoughts turn from treating that person with righteousness and kindness to a preconceived notion and a bias attitude. Issuing out an attitude that co-insides with the notion we may have of that person, which is an unjust act. He who is without sin may cast stones. JESUS and Father GOD are the only ones who can do that. The bible says not one is righteous, no not one.¬

The danger of being self righteous and passing our personal self righteous attitudes and judgments on others, places us in a category that is impossible to live up to. The category of judge means that we must show ourselves approved or flawless to the world. I am sure that sounds some what overboard, but its not. Residing in this human flesh, we are incapable of being flawless to the world. We are all born in sin, and all have fallen short of the Glory of GOD. We are all on equal ground, no matter what we may or may not have accomplished in this life, GOD does'nt respect you any more because you have this or you have that, you gave this to or that.

Passing judgment also means you will be judged accordingly by GOD. The intensity of your judgment of others, places GOD also in a position in his righteous to issue to you the same dept of justification as you did in your judgment of others. HE is the only one who is righteous and thus justified in His ways.

It does not stop at judgment of others its in all areas of life. Its called vanity and pride, which leads to self righteousness. It creeps in beneath the surface. The commandments points to them all. Read ACTS and PROVERBS. Think of what you are and what you do when you read it. There are other passages in the Bible that makes reference and show this to be true.



We have eternal life that is given by GOD. Most people don't understand that, to its fullest extent. To have eternal life means that ones spirit never dies. Would not it be right to say that if ones spirit never dies; it must have been in existence from the beginning?

Personally, I don't believe that mankind was manifested randomly through an act of evolution, creating an eternal spirit or soul. How could that be? To be in existence from the start, then would not it be right to say that we were with GOD before the existence of the world. To be in existence before the foundation of the world means we also will be in existence after the world cease to exist and we go back to Haven with GOD.

GOD, who is our heavenly father, wants you to know that there is life beyond the here and now. You were in spirit before you were born on this earth and you will be in spirit after you leave this body. You make the decision as to what end of that existence you will be pulled toward upon your exist from the body.

The choice is up to you, if you want to exist in the presence of the LORD or turn to the way of Satan. He has deceived and clouded your mind with a multitude of obstacles to distract you from the course you should be on. The flesh and the senses tell the story of what Satan is doing to you. The only reason Satan has this hold is because you enable him to do so. It all comes down to vanity through the obstacles he puts in front of your face and enticing your flesh to act and react on what is in front of it. Have you made the chose?

You think about this very carefully. It is through the flesh that Satan can attack you, in every way that he can. You give in to the power of his enticements and you began to judge others (just because of a preconceived notion, in your captive mind). It is not GODS way because HE tells us to love others as we love ourselves and to do unto others as you would unto yourself.

Satan can only go as far as you let him. He begins in the flesh and it is up to you if you let him manifest himself inside your mind where the spirit of GOD should dwell, letting him take hold and putting you in captivity. Your choice is made at that point. As long as you have breath in your body, you have a chance to repent and give your life to Christ. Don't let Satan make you die still in your sins. GOD forbid.

Are YOU the judge of you, do YOU fall apart when someone judges you or says unkind and hateful things about you. The righteous thing to do is pray for that persons deliverance from bondage by Satan. Can you say that you are in prayer for those people? The answer to that should be YES, if you are not in prayer, then you take on those same ways.

You also have become captive. You are under a hypnotic influence by Satan. Satan is tricking you into believing that what your senses say, are whats good. To the extent that what other people think of you defines who you are. You are not allowing GOD to define who or who's you are

It is through our LORD JESUS CHRIST that will lead you out of the captivity and the hold that the flesh and Satan has on you. HIS love and gentle kindness leads the way. HIS hands are always open and HIS arms are out-stretched to receive you back into your eternal life with HIM.

(Don't let your fears rule)

Think of yourself in a box and this is where all your fears live. THE BOX in this case is your mind and your fears are like a shark. The shark has surrounded your mind, making sure all your fears are held captive and you are unable to become free of them.

Often times when you become captive to your fears, you began to believe the lie that Satan wants you to believe. Your fears hold you back from receiving your blessings from GOD. The longer you hold on to those fears, the longer it takes for your blessings to manifest.

Lets say for instance, you are afraid of falling in love. You don't want to be hurt, that can be quite understandable. The fear of falling in love is not the issue. The issue is the fear. I've always heard the saying: there's nothing to fear but fear itself. I now know what that actually means. Its the fear of a thing that makes us not take the chance of what one might think will turn out to be wrong. That is Satan's way of keeping you in the box and not letting you experience, the beauty of life that GOD has given you.

Lets also say, that you are sick and tired of being afraid. You make a conscious decision to take that chance and step out on faith. Did you know that as soon as you take that step, that shark starts getting weaker, the more you step out of the box, the weaker the shark (Satan) gets.

Once you have stepped out of the box and stepped out onto faith and asked GOD to lead you. Satan will run and hide. You well find that you are not alone. There is JESUS standing in the gap of that shark and your fears. HE is holding a life preserver in another box, but this time its a gift not a means of capture. The only thing you have to do is reach for it and He gives it to you freely.

Now, you open the box (gift) and you find all the blessings that were you're from the beginning. That is when you realize that saying there is nothing to fear but fear itself. How do I feel , you say to yourself, I should have taken this step a long time ago. You also realize that some of the blessings have expired because of your lack of faith in the past. You also see new ones that can take their place.

You've stepped out. JESUS has given you gifts and you have accepted them. You praise His name, and are saved. Now you began your walk with JESUS and a relationship develops with Him. You find the love that you have always been looking for but afraid to find. That is only the beginning. Your blessings are manifesting before you eyes. You have just met the person of your dreams, love has come at last. You find another blessing around every corner. You love the Lord and you praise Him day and night.

Now that you are receiving your blessings, can you handle them? You were held in captivity be Satan for so long, some of the blessings are too much for you. You've always wanted to go mountain calming but now that you have the opportunity, you realize that you have gotten to old to do it now. You should have stepped out sooner. God can heal your body, so you can do some of the things you've wanted but didn't have the strength to do.

You may become overwhelmed with blessings and are unable to handle them all. What do you do? The answer should be easy. The same way GOD has been a blessing in your life and given you blessings, you are to be a blessing in the lives of others. Share your blessings and you will never run out of them, they will come back to you in other forms. Now if GOD has granted you good health. Go and enjoy the blessings that He his given you.

The lessen here is: Step out of the box and your fears, step into faith in Jesus Christ. You will never walk alone, because GOD has your back and He is bearing gifts, too. Be faithful to GOD, because He is always faithful to you.

My writings are based on: 2 Corinthians

My name is Darlene and you can contact me at, I would love to hear from you. I was compelled to write this message. I hope this message has been a blessing to you. I believe it is our duty to spread the good news of the Kingdom of God to everyone we can. I hope in viewing the video and reading the message it has brought you a little closer to Christ. At some point in our lives we have to recognize that a force greater than ourselves is at work in the universe, IT IS GOD.

We must strive to have a better relationship with Him, letting Him become the Lord of our lives. If you haven't already confessed with your mouth your sins and acknowledged that you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins, then now is the time. Tomorrow is not promised, we only really have the present.

If this message has been a blessing to you and you want to help others find Christ or just be a blessing in someone's life, please feel free to send this message out to all your friends and spread the word of Jesus love. This will be a blessing as far as living everyday life. May God bless you and keep you in His loving arms.