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The common problem with most standard hosting solution is that it does not offer true redundancy. Every "single point" of failure will be your weakest point. Should problems arise, your website will be temporary down until the problem is resolved. PowWeb's hosting solution offers complete true, redundancy from point A to point B. There are multiple paths for your client to hit your website at every given point. PowWeb distribute the load of a single website across multiple physical servers. If one server goes down, there is no noticeable effect on end users and no downtime.

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Behind the scenes, your PowWeb website is routed through a world-class network of equipment. PowWeb continuously invest in their infrastructure, hardware, and software ensuring you with a rock solid, worry-free home for your website.

BGP4 Technology: With BGP4, PowWeb are multi-homed to Tier 1 backbone providers for the best routing and redundancy. Their multiple Gigabit fiber-optic connections allows your websites to always load quickly and give your visitors the fast and smooth experience they demand.

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