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Timon and Pumbaa
Friday, 23 January 2004
Life is so grand
Hey hope you guys likee....have a great day

Do you think it’s right for someone to change for others? No matter what the reason is. When you change and say it’s for you. You can say it that way..but really its for a different reason and really for someone. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you see what your friends and family and other people see you? Well, you look great and wonderful just the way you are. So think twice about when you say you’re not or is gonna change. It’s not gonna do anything good at all if it’s for someone. Be who you are from the inside and don’t matter about the out. it’s the inside that matters most. And if some certain people can’t see you from the in then well..they aren’t worth it at all.

When your best friend moves away, of course you're gonna miss them. But what about the trust you have with your best friend? Do you promise never to forget each other? It depends. Their last day is special, but what do you say to them beside, "I'll miss you", "keep in touch", and tec. When that speaical friend is leaving say, "I'm gonna miss you (name)! Don't forget me and everyone here. Goobye but not forever. As long as we're in touch we'll be able to stay friends forever liked we promise. And I'll say "Hello" to the morning sun/ moon. So whenever you see the sunshine/moonlight. You know that I said "Hello" to you. Goodbye (name). See you soon. I promise." Each friend is a special and different kind of friend you have. You say they're like you. But they are alot differnet from you. So think about when your best friend is moving away. Think what you'll gonna say to him/her at his/her last day. Say something nice to them everyday they live. You'll never know when they're gonna leave with a surprise. Then you're gonna feel awful for not saying something nice to them to turn their day around. Think about it...

Do you know how it feels for someone or even you to keep the truth inside and willing to tell it? But was afraid to? Well the longer you keep it inside you is hard and you're not gonna feel clean. You can take thouseands of baths/showers and you're still gonna feel dirty. Then sooner you tell it to whomever. The free and cleaner you'll feel. And also the better, But the longer and later you say it. It might get wrost. And yea, you'll feel clean and free. But didn't you wish you said it earlier. Think twice about keeping the truth. Speack out and say whatever it is.

If you believe in yourself and you believe you can do anything, you're gonna likely succecced. But, lets say you don't have a certain talent to become whatever you want. But others say you do. Do you believe them? Mostly yes. But they vould be lying to you. The faith and grace from above is gonna fall down on your front door knocking and waiting for you to answer.

Posted by dc2/timonandpumbaa at 3:59 PM
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Thursday, 22 January 2004
New Here
Hey okay well um...this is new so here are some quotes i wrote that im gonna out in here hope u like them.

Be grateful you have those special friends in your life. Respect them. Take care of them. Respect how they react, their behavior, their mood on certain days, and their secrets when they choose not to tell. Those great friends you have are all different from you and one another. Help them out when they helped you out. You don’t have to give a gift for those special occasions. Their friendship is more precious then anything you give

Love is something everyone wants. But it’s not really love unless they love you back right? But you can call it whatever you want. Tell that special person how you feel, and ask that special person for an straight answer. The sooner the better. The later the worst. So if you plan on keeping how you really feel, think twice…

Are your friends who they really are? Do they tell you everything? What if they don’t, then how do you react to it once you found out they kept it from you? Some friends maybe even yours keep them inside from you cause they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Some friends and maybe yours too, just say it out cause the sooner the better. But did they ever said to you “I don’t like that other friend you have..” and etc.? Well..if they do what do you say to them? Can they say stuff like that? Well yes..but, that if they say negative things about that person in front of you. See, If you had a boyfriend and they didn’t like him, would you dump him so they could be happy? Or do you stay with him and considered your friends aren’t that kind of friends that you thought. Well you’ll find out in one way or another. But this hoilday..share with the friends you already have.

Posted by dc2/timonandpumbaa at 9:44 PM
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