Recap of Matt's appearance at

Matt comes on and said he feels great and he wants to get back in the ring.
Matt is asked about the Bob Holly incident and Matt said it was a one way battle and
he doesn't expect an apology.
Matt is asked if he's single or taken.  Matt said he's single.
Matt talks about Jonah.  Matt said Jonah is talking with promoters and he looks to stay
in wrestling.
Matt talks about his ideal character called the "Flava".  He talks about how he came up with
the gimmick and how it developed.
Matt said that the TV portrayed everyone accurately and gave props to Bill Demott.
Matt talked about keeping the Tough Enough results secret.
Matt takes a call and is asked who he most wants to wrestle.  Matt said Shawn Michaels.
Matt is asked about knee injuries and how they shortened his football career and how he avoids
injuries now.  Matt said cardio training helps allot.
Matt talks about the kendo stick shot from Tommy Dreamer.
Matt talks about the portrayal of all the guys on TE3 and Matt reinforces that they were very dead on.
Matt talks about making the Top 13 cut for the show.
Matt talks about Operation Snowstorm and how long it took to clean up.
Matt is asked about Kelsey Grammar and how they had to move the original house.
Matt is asked about Jamie and Dr. Love is stuck on her looks.  Matt said she has a great look and
hopes she makes it.
2 Girls from a local TV Show give Matt a 10 on a 1-10 scale.
Matt talks about his look with the bandanas and what he wears to the ring.
Ernie calls and wants Matt to do autograph signings.
Matt talks about his biggest memories from TE3 and Matt said the comradery and friendships
he developed.
Matt said the toughest part was the emotional and mental stress.  He felt the training was trying to
break everyone and that was a difficult aspect.
Matt is asked about winning the contract on a "game show".  Matt has friends that are indy wrestlers
and he understands the trials and tribulations.  He doesn't know an indy guy who wouldn't take the
contract or pass up the opportunity.  He understands it's a long road.
Dr. Love has a jealous fit and asks Matt to step outside during the break.
Matt talks about Jeff Hardy.  Matt loves his style and his image.
Someone calls in ribbing Bob Holly and tells Matt to keep up the good work.
Matt talks about Brian Pillman and watching the Hollywood Blondes.
Matt talks about training for football and training for wrestling comparing each.
Matt talks about his theme music and hopes he has some input on that.
Matt talks about his Raw appearance and how he was surprised to be there.
Matt talks about his first time backstage at a WWE show and how it hit him that
he was living his dream.
He talks about winning Tough Enough 3 and his feelings the moment his name was announced.
Matt takes a question from a bad Macho Man impersonator that asks about his background.
Matt makes a slimjim jokes and talks about college football.
Matt talks about being in front of 20,000 screaming fans last Monday in Chicago.
Matt gets a question about the divas and which one he would like to wrestler intergender style.
(Trish is the answer.)
The Authority gives Matt some advice.  Never have a hair versus hair match.
Matt talks about what he's doing now at home to prepare for the road life of wrestling.
Matt is asked about TE3 Scott and his pants wetting problem.
Matt takes a question from Voula (part of the TE3 season premiere but didn't make it to the final 13) about
his values and his religious convictions.
Matt is asked about the differences between Raw and Smackdown and he doesn't really see one.
Matt talks about his relationship with his trainers and how much contact he has with them.
Matt talks about Ric Flairs appearance on TE3.
Matt talks about his meeting with Vince McMahon and how he was kind to them and soft spoken.
Matt talks about being at WM XIX doing whatever he can do to be there (including selling popcorn--if he
has to.)
Matt answers a call about who his favorite trainer is and he said Bill because of how he dealt with him
after the Holly incident.
Matt talks about wrestling March 2nd 2003 in his hometown and how excited he is!
Matt stayed with us the entire show!!  A new record!  Take a listen at
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