Matt touches on Iceland, camaraderie, and Bill's eyes:


Up until now I think everything has been portrayed pretty accurately. Everyone has had a fair shot on the show. We haven't really gotten into the character development phase yet, and I think that will give the viewers a better insight into everyone's personality. I guess they really don't do justice for how long we actually trained. We basically had little free time, enough to eat and then go to bed, but I understand that the show can't really just pay attention to the training.

Iceland was an unbelievable experience. We really bonded as a group. Everything we did really brought us closer together. It was a turning point where we realized that even though we're all in this for the competition, nothing would ever break the fact that we are still friends. One thing that really sticks out in my mind about the trip was when we were driving the snowmobiles on the mountains. We literally rode up through the clouds. It was the most amazing experience I've ever had.

The field is narrowed down to 6 now. You look around at everyone else and you realize that everyone around you has something to offer…a way to win. But still you don't have an idea about what the trainers are looking for. What I try to do through everything is just act like myself. Up to now it's been pretty fair, as far as how the trainers have decided on the cuts. I was really sad to see Scott go. He had lasted that far through the competition and I agree with the trainers' decision, but that doesn't mean that you can detach yourself from someone who's grown on you. Scott didn't have the mental maturity to do it, and Kelly didn't have the physical. It's the little things that are either going to make you or break you. As far as training is concerned, character development is one of my favorite parts, even you haven't seen much of it yet. Each member of our cast has a unique character and persona. Up to this point in the competition, you've gotten a chance to see us in the casual setting, but in the next few episodes you'll be able to see us as real wrestling personas. Personality and what you're trying to portray to the crowd is really important. The character development will increase the chances of getting the contract and being a sports entertainer.

The thing that really gets you is that in the beginning there are 13 people living in the house. You used to have one person here and one person there, but now the house is empty. It's scary because you could be next. You want to be confident but you don't want to be over-confident. Everyone brings their personality into the house and when they leave it kind of changes the dynamics, but you get used to it.

I think Iceland was also a turning point where we really bonded with the trainers. Up to this point it was like they were the trainers and we were the cast, but this trip kind of broke that. We got to know them as real people rather than jut trainers. I think I've gotten an equal amount of pressure and have been pushed by all the trainers. I don't think I've gotten any more than anyone else. They're pushing everyone to get out what is inside of you. I'm sure Al and Bill know more about us then we can even realize. We can tell sometimes when you look at Al that he's almost looking through you, that the wheels are turning. You look into Bill's eyes and you see them burning right through you, but he's searching deep for what you are all about.

I was very disappointed in one of the earlier episodes when Rebecca claimed that there were no other Christians in the house. I'm a born again Christian and my faith really defines who I am, so it was tough to see her say that on TV. I pray and read my Bible everyday, and shared God with many cast members during the show. This was not really portrayed, even though it's a huge part of my life. I really look up to Shawn Michaels and all that he stands for, and for everything he's done to represent himself as a Christian in the sport.

I've been getting a lot of emails on I want to thank you all for your support. Keep it coming. I love everybody. We're going to keep doing whatever we have to, in order to get the Flava' into the WWE. Flava' ya' lata'!

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