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Join The Tape Traders Alliance!

Join the Tape Traders Alliance if you want your site to be viewed by hundreds of traders, conduct fair trades, and always trade top quality tapes!

However do NOT join the Tape Traders Alliance if you are planning on trading low quality tapes, conduct unfair trades, and over all be a bad trader.

Being part of the Tape Traders Alliance is a privalige and if you are reported of being a bad trader your membership will be suspended, investigated, and possibly terminated. Keep these facts in mind when joining the Tape Traders Alliance.

To join the Tape Traders Alliance please click here. If you are not already a WebRing member then you will have to make an account. There is a link at the URL given before to do that. If you have any questions please contact us by E MAIL. Thanks for joining the Tape Traders Alliance!

The Tape Traders Alliance is #1 in connecting you to the rest on the wrestling tape trading world, get your site noticed, join the aliiance!

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