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Clinton Francis Barton
ALIASES: Goliath II, Golden Archer
OCCUPATION: Adventurer
IDENTITY: Secret, but known to the Avengers
LEGAL STATUS: No criminal record
KNOWN RELATIVES: Harold & Edith Barton (parents deceased), Bernard "Barney" Barton (brother deceased), Barbara Morse a.k.a Mockingbird (wife deceased)
GROUP AFFILIATION: West Coast Avengers 

Avengers Compound, Palos Verdes, California

HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 230 lbs.

HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Blue
FIGHTING SKILLS: Trained by Captain America in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.
SPECIAL SKILLS: Hawkeye is an expert archer, highly trained acrobat and aerialist, with incredible vision.  At 20 feet he sees what the average person sees at 8 feet.
SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Hawkeye is 80% deaf in both ears and wears specially designed miniature hearing aids.

COSTUME SPECS: Synthetic stretch fabric

PERSONAL WEAPONRY: One of a number of specially designed bows: a 6'2" long bow, a 5'6" regular bow, a 5'4" compound bow, a quiver containing any number of gadget-equipped "trick-arrows", including sonic, explosive tip, smoke-bomb, flare, tear-gas, acid, suction-tip, cable, putty, bola, electro, net, thermal, rocket, and boomerang arrows as well as others.  Hawkeye's quiver usual will hold 36-40 arrows.

There are 24 modules designed in the straps of Hawkeye's tunic, 6 per strap, 12 in back. In these modules, Hawkeye carries some extra  of his more frequently used arrow tips. These tips can be affixed to his arrows in seconds.  Hawkeye's arrows are held in place by a clamping system and require a positive action to be released this way they won't all fall out when inverted. The vanes or tail-feathers) of each arrow have a special notch coded so that Hawkeye can tell exactly what arrow he is drawing from his quiver by touch.   

KNOWN CONFIDANTS: Black Widow, Captain America, Scarlet Witch

KNOWN ALLIES: The Avengers, Avengers West Coast, Thunderbolts, The Defenders, The Fantastic Four, Two-Gun Kid, Silver Sable, Nick Fury

MAJOR ENEMIES: Kang, Goliath IV, Ultron, Crossfire, Brothers Grimm, Mad Dog, Razor-Fist, Egghead (deceased), Swordsman (deceased), Bobcat

HISTORY: Clinton Barton was the younger of two sons born to a small business proprietor and his wife. When his parents were killed in an automobile accident, Barton was 8 years old, he and his older brother Barney were placed into an orphanage. At 14, the  Barton's ran away and joined a traveling carnival where he became the apprentice of the carnival's star attraction, the mysterious Swordsman. Recognizing, Barton's natural flair for archery, the Swordsman agreed to tutor him in the art.  Barney was relegated to menial labor. For the next four years Clint practiced everyday, 8 hours a day with his bow and arrow and soon became good enough to perform in the carnival known as Hawkeye the Marksmen.

Soon Barton learned that the Swordsman was stealing from the carnival and when he refused to become his partner, the Swordsman chased Barton up the high wire cutting it away from beneath him. The Swordsman left Barton for dead and fled the carnival. Found by his brother, Barney, Clint was rushed to the hospital and eventually recovered from compound fractures to each leg. A year or so later he resumed his act in the carnival.

One day, Barton witnessed Iron Man in action and decided to emulate the hero, donning a colorful costume and using his archery skills to battle crime. Unfortunately, in his first public appearance as the masked hero, Hawkeye, he was mistaken for a thief and found himself battling Iron Man. Weeks later his attraction toward the Russian spy, Black Widow led him to commit further acts on the wrong side of the law. Iron Man however, learned of Hawkeye's true nature and sponsored him for Avenger's membership. Hawkeye was an active Avenger for years his skills augmenting his super-powered associates.  For a short time Hawkeye abandoned his identity and taking Hank Pym's growth serum became the Avenger known as Goliath. He soon, however, returned to his role as Hawkeye.

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