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SONIC CD Title Screen

"A World That Defies Time!"

"Sonic, where are you going now?"

Sonic The Hedgehog looked over his sholder at Amy Rose, the young pink hedgehog who was racing hot on his heels.

"To Never lake!", he called back.

"Why Never lake?"

Sonic slowed down a little so he could explain. "Ever heard of the Little Planet?"

"Isn't it the tiny world that orbits around Mobius?" Amy asked. "The one with the Special Stones that alter time and change everything around them? I heard that the planet's full of places that are completely ignored by the passage of time!"

"Yeah. On the last month of every year, the Little Planet appears over Never Lake. It's that time now, and I'm going to check it out. I bet space travel will be exciting!"

"With those Time Stones, I bet you'll try to outrun time itself!" Amy sighed in adoration.

Sonic didn't reply. He just smiled, eyes gleaming.

When they arrived at Never Lake, the Little Planet was there as expected. But something was wrong. Where there should have been tall trees and bright flowers, there was nothing but dry sand and jagged rocks. The Little Planet was tethered to a mountian with a huge chain, and its surface was covered with twisted, gleaming metal.

"What happened?!" Amy woundered.

before Sonic could reply, something whooshed by them. Amy shriked as she was snatched up, and she and her captor vanished in a blue streak of light!

"What the...?! Amy!!!!!!"

It didn't take long for Sonic to realize what had happened. "This has to be one of Eggman's tricks!"

Indeed it was! Upon discovering the location of the Little Planet, the evil Dr. Robotnik and his robot cronies had immediately set about converting it into a Giant Metal Fortess. When Robotnik saw Sonic approching, he had dispatched his new prized creation, The Metal Sonic, to grab Amy Rose and lure his arch enemy into danger.

"How convenient!" Robotnik crowed, bounceing about like a malicious rubber ball. "This time my scientific expertise will crush you! Once all the Time Stones are in my hands, I'll be able to manipulate time and conquer the worlds! HO, HO, HO, HO!"

Sonic stood on a rock and thought, Robotnik had control of the Little Planet. He had Amy Rose, and soon he would have the Time Stones...but not if Sonic got them 1st!

His adventure on the Little Planet was going to to be more exciting and dangerous then he'd planned. It was time to get a move on!

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