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Phantasy Star 4: The End of The Millennium Title Screen

"The Hunter's Quest"

2,000 years ago, in the Algo solar system, there was a war fit to end all wars. The civilization that emerged from the wreckage flourished & prospered, untill the fateful day when Mother Brain, the central computer system on the planet of Palma, Exploded! Palma was destroyed, initaiting the slow destruction of the same worlds that Mother Brain was built to protect. The acient maintenacne Bio-systems, which where built with the last great technological knowledge not lost in the war, began to break down. Their malfunctions released terrible monsters upon the worlds the systems were built to maintain & protect.

A caste of warriors know as Hunters emerged. They were mercenaries who specialized in exterminating the Bio-monsters the plagued the simple cities & villages.

Our story begings on the world of Motavia, over 2,000 years after the Great War. A young Hunter named Chaz Ashley is about to embark on his 1st assignment. He doesn't know it yet, but his adventure will take his beyound Motavia, & beyound history itself...

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