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Phantasy Star 3: Generations of Doom Title Screen

"Generations of Doom"

Today's your big day. You're marrying Maia, the mysterious woman you found on the shores or your father's kingdom. But as you & Maia walk up the aisle, a winged dragon grabs your bride & disappears...

This is the tragic start of what seams to be a neverending journey into a world of loathsome creatures & wicked souls. Explore 7 danger-ridden worlds as you fend off mutated beasts with swords, knives,& bows. Transform into a Aerojet & fly over mountain peaks & lifeless deserts. Turn into a Aquaskimmer & cross the blue seas. Or become a Submersible & dive into a sunken palace.

Live through 3 generations in this epic adventure & find out what lies behind the realm of terror. Only you determine which of the 4 Endings you'll experience...

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