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If anything on this site is illegal in any way, shape, or form, then we are unaware of it. Neither we nor our host will be responsible for it. All backup devices are for personal use and should only be used in a legal way. If you should use these items for illegal purposes, then you are the sole person responsible. You are not allowed to visit this site if you do not agree with ANY parts of this disclaimer.

The services that are provided through this website are strictly to backup your PlayStation®2 games (software), which you certify to currently own and want to protect from possible damage. These duplications are allowed under the Copyright Act of United States of America, and you are entitled to this service by law. We provide this as a service, we are not selling you games, we are selling backups of games you already own. We will not be held accountable for the purchaser's use of our backups. If you sell, trade, or forfeit your ownership of your original software, you agree to destroy the backup of that title. You take full responsibility for your own actions when using these backups and release us from all liabilities, which may arise expressed, written, or implied. By entering this website, you are complying with these regulations. This allows us, the service provider, to duplicate, and you, as a consumer, to receive the right to use our backups.

You are required to own an original copy of the title you intend to backup, if you sell or give away the original copy, you will either (a) destroy that backup, or (b) give the backup to the person receiving the original. This law extends to basically anything that consists of copyable data for backup purposes. The creators of this site or the ISP hosting any content on this site take NO responsibility for the way you use the information provided on this site. All the objects on this site are private property and are not meant for viewing or any other purposes other than bandwidth space.

You are entitled to own backups if you do indeed own the original. We are providing a service which is also protected under the Canadian Copyright Law to those who do not have the means of creating their own backup disc. By ordering from us, we understand that you indeed own the original copies of all the titles you intend to purchase. We do not practice piracy nor do we condone it. You, the purchaser, will be held accountable for whatever actions you intend to do when in possession of the backups.

If you understand and agree with these terms and conditions, and (a) agree you are in no way, shape or form affiliated with any government (police and or federal) agency or any company investigating breaches of copyright, (b) will not pass this information onto any of the above or anyone affiliated to them.

Feel free to enter this site. If not, please leave now without entering. All information contained herein is strictly for informational and backup purposes only.