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Welcome to my web site! This is the place for all and especially for my Special friends.

 Yes! this is a good spot to get Information, entertainment and much more… at the same time.

Ok fallows my name is Babar Shahzad, I am a


 visually impaired.

 student; from


Just appeared in the B.A. exam.

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What is the purpose of this web site…

The purpose of this web site is to enable the P.W.D.s. [persons with disability to get information, fun an much more… at the same time you will be able to know about the Disability; it’s causes and how to make the life of a special person even better further more, as most of you are aware of the fact that education can play very significant role, in the life of a person. Moreover as you may be knowing that in the developing world the term Special education is of recent dates. So I have tried my best to discuss the problems of my special friends in an affective way, so that they [P.W.D.S.] will be able to understand it…

What is blindness?


 Braille system.. . What is the internet? and the World Wide Web

Friends if you are interested in religion you would love to click this link…

 What is Islam?

All about the messenger of God

 A to zed of life By Babar shahzad.


 Some use full links for you…

Leaders In the field of blindness who has set an example for others to follow

Helen Keller


 Braille Louis


About Georgie Lee Abel


Spicy web sites


personal page of Samar Farooqi

go to the home page of Saima

Do you like radio? so go to the FM 100 pakistan's web page...

Bbc news... also you can go to the BBC Urdu page…

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 Some cool stuff for you!

The Hadley School for the blind witch provides distance education free of charge, for further Info visit them at Hadley school


            American Printing House for the Blind.              American council for the blind   National federation of the blind visit them

If you are interested in making new friends you can go to the H friend’s web site…

Also visit Paltalk           go to the America Online, for fun and mutch...                                                                                                   

The Freedom Scientific Website,


This web site is a comprehensive source of information regarding JAWS screen reader software, MAGic screen magnification software, training opportunities, application-specific

cassette tutorials and the company that develops these products.

The Freedom Scientific Website is designed to be accessible by people with disabilities and includes a great deal of technical support information as well

as online ordering capability, RealAudio descriptions of many products, and continuous product update and maintenance downloads.


Hot downloads just! For you…

All the following games are fully accessible, witch can easily be played by a visually impaired, so go and check them out...

Bobby's Revenge

Finger Panic

Sonic Match


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It would be my pleasure to have your comments…


so if you have any feel free to contact me by sending E-Mail at :mailto:Babarshahzad

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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” .     

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