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Author's Biography

        Mary Shelley was an English Romantic novelist, editor, and biographer.  She was known for writing Frankenstein, which she wrote at the age of eighteen.  Shelley was born in London, England and lived with her father, who was an English writer on the French Revolution.  Her mother died when she was only ten days old, and she was forced to, as a child, to educate herself.  At the age of ten she was able to publish her first poem.  Then, at the age of twenty, she met Percy Shelley, who she later married in 1814.  Both parents were distraught by their marriage, especially when Mary became pregnant.  A few weeks after her child was born, the child died.  Mary became pregnant immediately after that, and the two had a son, William.  Mary lost three of her four children between 1815 and 1819.  After her pregnancies Mary was able to write other works such as Matilda, and Valperga.  They were not as successful as Frankenstein.  In 1822 Percy Shelley drowned in a shipwreck..  After that Mary remained dedicated to her son.  Mary spent the rest of her life trying to get her husbandís neglected poetry published.  She was successful in her attempt.  Mary Shelley died at age fifty-four in her sleep.


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