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=BGOAT= T.H.U.G Members

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Leader/ co Leaders
END OF Leader/ co leaders

6.=BGOAT=Ken Dawg

11. =BGOAT=Vato
12. =BGOAT=H-I-M
13. =BGOAT=Deadman...Info Coming Soon
15. =BGOAT=Rebel
16. =BGOAT=Rodekill
17.=BGOAT=Blaze ...Info coming soon
19. =BGOAT=Flip
20. =BGOAT=Creepy
23.=BGOAT=Shadow ...Info coming soon
25.=BGOAT=Masta ...Info coming soon
27.=BGOAT=Assman ...Info coming soon
28.=BGOAT=(YOUR NAME HERE)<---This could be you

There are more waiting to join

WARNING:This option is only for current members who I or another bgoat co leader have let join. this option is not to let you join. it is just for posting info of current members.
Post Info Now

Rules to join and to be a member

NOTE: Any member who was a member from THPS4 is automatically a member in THUG and vice versa as long as you can prove you are who you say you are.

1.Know atleast 250 glitches from THPS4(if you have THPS4)
2.Have a Keyboard
3.Have to Hang w/ the Leader or Co-leaders for awhile to make sure your cool and a good glitcher
4.Once in, you have to have =BGOAT= as a tag before your name
5.You can not be in more then one clan
6.To be added to the members page you must stay in =BGOAT= for atleast one full week. and be online or seen online more then 5 times that week. and no more then 2 times in one day. you most also post your info by clicking POST INFO above.
7.Besides the Leader Only the Co-Leaders and top 5 members are allowed to let people join.
8. To be in the top 5 you need to have been a member from THPS4 for more then a month... or Have been a THUG member for more then 2 month's
NOTE:There can only be 5 top 5 members.(duh) so if those spots are taken all ready you will have to wait until one of those members leave's the clan.
9.your name can not include the following things...
.....1.Racial slures.(anything racial)
.....2.Religious slures(any thing bad about any one religion)
.....3.anything that has to do w/ saying your god/jesus.( you are not and never will be god)
NOTE:This does not include names like fire god , glitch god, or a certain type of god.
.....4.anything prejudice...the word's nigger,jew,and fag are examples of words that may never be used in your name.
Use your best judgement in choosing your name. if your name is not appropriate you have to either change it or join another clan.
10.Age does not matter but please be mature and respectful to other members/homies... any disrespect may get you kicked/banned from the clan.
11.No one member has say over another member even if your a Co-Leader or in the top 5. the only person who has say on kicking/banning a member or anything else other then letting people join is me.
12.If you are not seen online for any longer then a month your name will be removed from the members page.
If after you are taken off the member page; you come back on and still want to be a member you will have to comply w/ rule #6. in order to be readded.
13.If you are kicked from the clan you will be given by me a time frame in which you may not carry the =BGOAT= tag or come into a =BGOAT= room of any kind.
14.After being kicked three times the fourth time you will be banned from the clan. once banned you can not rejoin the clan for atleast 1 month and if after one month you wanna rejoin and if the top 5 and I agree that it's ok you must prove to us that you will not do what ever it was that got you kicked/banned in the first place.
depending on the offense you might not get the three chances as explained above. you may just be removed from the clan permanetly.
15.Co-Leaders. There are only 4 Co-Leaders and there will only be 4 Co-Leaders in the future. if a Co-leader Leaves that spot is gone for good. when and If all the Co-Leaders leave it will be just the top 5 Spots. so do not ask to be a Co-Leader.
Co-Leaders do not have more power over TOP FIVE they are the same except in the aspect of certain web site rights. Co-Leaders can have a hosted site through me and there own personal E-Mail. they also Have a little bit more of a say on who comes and goes.

The above rules are not concrete and may change at any time. also other rules may be added at a later date. if you do not agree w/ one or more of the above rules please contact me and let me know about your concern. 1