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The ground floor has three double bedrooms arranged around the courtyard. There is a table in the centre, very suitable for guests taking their breakfasts.

Also on the ground floor is a pleasant entrance hall, large kitchen and a shower room with hand basin and lavatory. Each bedroom is furnished with a double bed and with a sitting room area with divans which can be used as single beds for extra guests particularly children. The largest bedroom ends in a old wood panelled wall painted in the traditional Moroccean style. Part of the wood panneling is a door which enters into a domed en suite bathroom and lavatory.

From the entrance hall a flight of stairs leads to the second floor and enters a colonnaded loggia where can be found a small dining table and other furniture in “conservatory” style as well as a splendid pair of large copper candle sticks which when lit of an evening casts a romantic glow across the courtyard. Carrying on to the other side of the courtyard there is a sitting room filled with colourful floor cushions and two comfortable sofas as well as occasional tables. This is entered through a smaller room, which is intended to become a small library.

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