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Korn Facts

Facts Fieldy’s first job was selling plants door to door. Fieldy is the only left handed member of Korn but he plays right handed bass. Korn was on a jeopardy question. the question was "the name of the song by korn, about an untrustworthy neighbor". The answer was "Mr. rogers" then Alex (host) said "who can hate mr. rogers?" Freak on a leash is #20 on the most expensive music videos. Jon's Scottish decent Jon and fieldy grew up together Fieldy picked on Jon, when they were little Head plays guitar with his back hunched over, because he can't reach the top strings of his 7-string. he says he gets a back ache every night from it. Jon drew very 1st korn logo with a crayon, and with his left hand (he's right handed) Jon punched Marilyn Manson on the Big Day Out tour, because manson said Jon's son was a bastard Metallica was one of the first bands to take Korn on tour Coal Chamber's nick name is "Korn jr" Munky doesn't like to play live with out Head 2/3rds of head and Munky’s lives were spent together Caco is the guitar technician for Head and Munky. He is also responsible for the arranging the guitar effects on Follow the Leader. Family values 99 was a Korn concert, but Limp Bizkit head lined it Korn switched from Adidas to Puma because they claim that, now days, every band wears Adidas, and wanted to stay original. According to Munky, on the self titled Korn album (Korn), the shadow is holding a sling blade knife in his right hand. But Jon still says "It’s a horse shoe!" when he was asked about it When Korn first started to play, MTV did not support korn at all. In fact they didn’t start to play korn videos till life is peachy. Because of the over whelming amount of demands for korn, MTV was forced to play korn on their station David's the youngest in the band Feildy's the oldest in the band Munky and head are the same age Jon's music, is featured in the movie "Queen of the damned" 1/10 of korn fans claim that korn's music saved them from suicide Twist does not contain any words in it, except for a few "twist" Korn's fav brand of deodorant is speed stick, because it goes on dry Jon doesn’t like to write music unless the instrumental parts of the song is finished (but he still does some times) Most of Fieldy’s bass riffs, are hip hop beats Jon used to think it would be cool to work in a morgue, because he loved horror movies Jon can't drive a car, because when he worked in the morgue, one of his friends came in dead, because of a car crash Deftones won't tour with korn now, because they are sick of being "a korn band". korn, and deftones, are still friends ( but they maybe touring with korn again soon) Orgy's singer was sexart's guitarist Jon likes to play drums more then singing The cover of follow the leader, is drawn by Todd McFarline (artist for the kick ass comics of spawn). and freak on a leash is animated by todd, and his crew The cries in daddy at the end of the song are real emotional cries from jon Korn hated doing the family values 98 tour, because, the managers wouldn’t give them a break, jon developed a mental sickness from it, and it was breaking apart the band Issues is About Korn's career is and how's it affecting their lives Munky started to play a 7 string guitar before head Head started to play guitar before munky On the song, "ear Ache my eye" every one played different instruments. Munky and head swithed guitar parts, david played the bass, fieldy sang (with cheech, from cheech and chong), and jon played the drums Jon's hobby while on the bus is to surf the net for korn sites on his lap top. Fieldy's inspirations are, any thing hip hop Korn runs their own record company called "Elementree Records" If you play the beginning of blind backwards it says "AAAAAAhhhhhggggg WE RULE!" Korn's managers are the ones that came up with the elementree record idea Orgy was the first band to sign with elementree On sick and twisted tour, Fieldy dropped his bass right before his "solo", but he picked it up right before his solo When asked what’s your most traumatic childhood experience they said: Jon- "when my parents broke up, i was like 3. I was shuttled off to my grandparents, to mom, back and forth" Head- "When i threw up on the floor when i real sick,and my legs flew out from under me and i landed in a big pile of throw up" Munky- "When my father held me down, and cut my long hair off" Dave- "My great grand mother dying" When jon worked in a morgue, he saw a dead pimp come into the morgue, with lingerie (women’s, undergarments). He thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. He put that scene into the ADIDAS video When korn played daddy for the first time live jon broke down right in the middle of the song, and then band had to carry him out off the stage The lyrics for blind were originally written by sexart, but jon turned it into a korn song, the Lyrics are the same, but the instruments are completely different During the taping of the video "clown", a locker fell on Munky. He wasn’t hurt, so they kept on filming. When asked what korn's fav place to play live is, they said: Jon- "A tie between Chicago, and Cleveland” Munky- "Seattle, or New York" David- "St.pete, or Detroit Head- "i don't know. There’s so many" When asked what their favorite childhood toy was their response was: Jon- "Robotron" Munky- "A tonka tanker truck" Feildy and David- "Green machine" Head- "Barbie" Jon's mom was an actor/dancer Jon's dad was a big band keyboardist, and owned a music store Jon's fav bands are: Flock of seagulls, missing person, duran duran Jon, and fieldy have a habit of throwing up before a live show Head sold Munky his 1st guitar, and Munky claims that head ripped him off. Munky's fav. band is Bootsy collin, and Mr.Bungle Munky's influences is faith no more Fieldy's hobbies are to Drive his Mercedes E320, and playing Playstation David occasionally, plays drums with Suicide tendencies, and Infectious Groove Jon's parents kicked him out when he was 18 Jon's fav duran, duran song is "the chauffer" Jon's superstitious Jon's fav follow the leader song is Pretty Jon's fav song on issues, is Dirty Jon was 3 when his parents were divorced Jon has 2 bag pipes. One says H.I.V on it Jon's fav color is purple Jon wears 11 and 1/2 size shoes Jon was voted most likely to own his own mortuary in high school Jon bites his nails Jon was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder Jon tried out for Jesus in Jesus Christ superstar Jon did speed for 2 years in high school (he quit now....good for him) Jon's fav Montly Crue member is Niki Six For Jon's 16th birthday, he had a pic of Mountly Crue on his cake Jon was voted #40/100 of the best Rock Star by the magazine Hit parade Jon named his son after his best friend, Nathan Cox On the Nickelodeon show "Amanda show", during a scene in Amanda's room, there was a follow the leader poster up in her room The Seattle sick and twisted concert was recorded, as the loudest concert ever!! Issues, and follow the leader went platinum 3 times Korn debuted twice at #1 on the billboard top 200, in 98 (with follow the leader) and 99 (with issues) Korn won 2 awards at the 99 MTV awards, and was nominated for more then half of the categories Head's dad owns a store in Bakersfield, Cal. After korn did a show at the store people from Head's past came up to his dad's store, and asked for korn tickets. Those people, claimed to be head's friends about 10 years ago, but really back then Head didn’t like those guys. When head, and Munky were asked "How do you keep from turning into a snob??" Munky: "By remembering how it felt to be treated badly. Plus there are plenty of people around being assholes to remind you not to be one" Head: "I don't think we could be the popular type if we tried. Not me, personally. I'm not like that. If I'm in a bad mood one day, I might not be friendly, but it's not because I think I'm cool Munky almost cried from watching their video "falling away from me" Some of head's early influences, as a kid, were Ac/dc, and queen Munky's takes a crap every time before a show for good luck Head kicks Fieldy in the butt, before each show What korn was looking for in the issues cover contest was something sick and twisted that suited korn. Korn was #1 on the silicon award, for follow the leader Munky’s favorite brand of deodorant is old spice There was supposed to be a song on life is peachy called pussy scab, but they changed it to a different name on the cd On the Karrang! award for the top 100 bands that changed you life, korn was #17 Korn came dressed in 80s rock band clothing, on their helloween concert. that play song "Rock you like a hurricane" by the scorpions, and "were not gonna take it" by twisted sister When korn play all in the family live with limp Bizkit, every member from both bands plays the song. when it was korn's turn to play their part of the song, they would play it, when it was limp bizkits turn to play their part they would play When korn and limp Bizkit played all in the family, they can never finish the song, because around the middle of it, they would get into little wrestling matches on the stage. When korn play the family values tour98 during helloween, korn was dressed up in Halloween costumes On a cover of spine magazine that featured korn. Korn was dressed up in Munky suits, but spine was the ones that digitally put the suits on them. Korn never dressed up in the costumes. Jon said that they were fucked over, and they hate the magazine, and that every thing in the magazine about them was complete bull shit Korn was featured on a Mack 10's new album "the recipe". the song they were featured in was called "should i stay or should i go" Korn was supposed to play at the Uk ozzfest, but they didn’t, because Head's wife was expecting. It turned out she was past over due On the Show "Daria", a korn poster was posted on the wall of Daria's best friend's brother's room MTV had a show called "12 angry mothers", where the moms would either give a yes, or no for videos. Adidas got all 12 NOs Jon appeared in the video "give" by cold Life is peachy debuted at #3 on the boards According to billboard magazine, Who then now, is the 10th best selling music video On the show "New York undercover" a korn logo was up on a wall with graffiti on it Nicholas cage's favorite band is korn Fieldy is half Italian, half Mexican Jon's fav country singer is hank williams (thanks to slipin from korn beat) The follow the leader song, "My gift to you", was originally an out take form the self titled album (korn). It was takken out beacause kon said it was to "metally". Later, korn reworked it and put it on follow the leader. The early version of "My gift to you" was called "Molested". It sounds really different then the actual My gift to you Korn likes to keep their sound original, and far away from a "heavy metal", or "rock" sound. If it dose sound to much like traditional heavy metal, or rock, they won't play it Life is Peachy was originally called "Life is Pee-Chee" after the popular suppliers of school utensils. But the name was copyrighted, and had to rename it to what it's known as "Life is Peachy" When korn was making the self titled album (korn), the band members argued over it many times, but when they made Life is Peachy, they worked together fine. Korn's sponsors are: Ibanez guitars, Paiste cymbals, Tama drums, Jagermeister, Grind, Phat farms, and puma. (There maybe more or less then these supporters now) Some of korn's friends are: Deftones, Cold, Tool, Coal Chamber, Sugar Ray, Deadsy, Orgy, Incubus, The Urge, and Soul Fly. There are probably way more, but these are the ones I can confirm Korn is Bootlegged 3 times a show. To all the korn bootleg collectors....good luck. Korn are in roughly 80 cds/videos and counting (includes guest Appearances etc. But does not include Bootlegs) It's rumored that the korn came up with the album name "Issues" when fieldy was reading some of Jon's lyrics and said "Man you got issues" Jon some times sleep bites, and walks around in his sleep biting people. He once bit Fieldy and Fieldy Punched Jon. Jon and Fieldy went to the same high school that Bevis and Butt-head went to "Highland high" Got the life's main guitar riff was made when Head and Munky took apart a Blondie song and changed it around Head's dog name is "Bobba" Fieldy has crashed his speed boat at least twice David's dad was firemen for 27 years David's fav fast food is "IN and out burger" Fieldy doesn’t like touring in Europe and said that he'll never go back again Head doesn’t like Europe because there’s’ no Taco bell Head and Fieldy said that Europe is really depressing The last song they played on the "Sick and Twisted" tour was "It's Gonna go away" David has a younger brother named Andy, and 3 older sisters named Darla, Tracy, and Kelly Head's favorite beers are Budwiser and Coors Korn almost broke up on the Family Values 98 Shawn Smith, and Bakersfield tattooist, did Jon's and David's tattoos Korn made a $500 bet with Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) to sing faith nude......Fred won the bet. Jon collects dolls and some Pokemon There are over 4000 korn sites on the net and counting There’s at least one new korn site every day Tony "loc" cruz is one of Korn’s body guards. He Mostly follows Jon but some times Munky too Danny "ham cam" Is the guy who takes a lot of the live photos and also the guy who recorded most of who then now Most of who then now is filmed at Ross Robinson's studio "Indigo Ranch studios" Nathan Cox is a long time friend to korn and especially Jon. He also produced Who then now and shot Video drone's "Dye Jonathan down" video, who Jon Guest appeared and sung for. The secret song on Issues is actually blocked out by static that you hear at the end. Korn put the real secret Issues song on track 9 "Am i going crazy" backwards on top of the acual song Fieldy is half Italian and half Mexican. Care Bear is the "minder" of Korn. He is a personal assistant to the band. Sean Olsen was the only jock that was nice to the guys from Korn in the early days. They wrote a song called Sean Olsen but they don't associate with him now. Jonathan played many instruments when he was younger, including bagpipes. He played in a lot of competitions and did very well. When recording self titled he wanted to see what it would sound like to play bagpipes with the other instruments (Shoots and Ladders). They liked it, and so every Korn album has included them. Korn use's Ibanez Rg7's to achieve the low A notes (deep "large" sound). Munky uses a Mesa/boogie amplifier while head prefers a Marshall. Korn wore Adidas clothing as their own image. When Adidas noticed this they decided to provide them with clothing for free, rather than paying them to wear it. Puma offered Korn $500,000 to change to their