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The Dynamic Diesel


Welcome to my Vin Diesel webpage. I hope you enjoy! Ladies...and gentlemen, I apologize in the delay in an update, I have been extrememly busy . I have updated this site just a little as of 1/3/2006 even though I haven't changed much, I promise to get more picture pages up. I have been able to update the news a little so go check it out.

So far over 7000 hits!!!! I never thought my page would have gotten that many visitors! Please take a moment to sign my guestbook and let me know what you do and do not like about the site. The only way I know is if you tell me :-) Thanks for the emails you all have sent to me remember if you have or need pictures of Vin or information let me know and I'll post it and yes I'll give you credit for it :-) I'm working on getting some more Picture Pages up so just keep checking back. Check out the Fan Club Info and let me know what you think. I do have a transcript of a Chat Interview between Vin and MSN chat and some news updates check them out!!!


Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with Vin Diesel in any way, and I am NOT him. I am only a fan with a website. All information and pictures on this page are results of many long hours researching and combining pictures from the web as well as my personal collection. Please DO NOT send me emails or sign the guest book with any X-rated thoughts or ideas...that is just sick because I am not him. Just send him a letter or something. For information on where to send a letter to check out the "Tasty Tidbits" section.

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