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Name: Jade, Jadey, Jem, Isabella, Jemi, Jadeybear, Jewel, Jadle, Jadester, Jemster, Big sis, Checknut,Jiko ..any other crazy names?!?
Age: 14
Grade: 9th
State: New York!
Birthday: June 18th
Gender: Female (fey-ma-le)

Interests: * Hanging with my girls * Matty * Harassing the locals * Dancing * Poetry * Acting * Long walks on the beach * Manicures * Chatting on the Phone * Sleepovers * Shopping * Singing * Sunsets * Candles * Pink * Makeovers * Yellowcard * Laughing * Romance * Stars * AIM * Daydreaming * Coloring outside the lines * Kodak Moments * Sleeping * Movies * DC * Making people smile * Kissing in the rain * Roses *
Expertise: School i guess i dont know.
Occupation: A student from Schreiber!
AIM: xPortsFinestJeMx

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Hey guys sorry but i am leaving jadesworld and going to xanga. idk for how long but i am just too tired of HTML coding!! Gr.... oh well guys check it out! New Blogggiee!<

<33 Jadey

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Hey guys sorry i dont have time for a long entry. I was too busy making this layout. I hope you like the new layout "Love...". It's inspired by someone i love. Who do i love? oooo yea matty... jkjk I LOVE YOU HONEY! Well today was kind of boring. Not much happened. Kayla was home sick. Feel better kayler! Ummm i found out a lot of my quarter grades. I am sad that i am getting a B in math because i got an A last quarter. Matt was acting like an ass today and he broke his promise. and i forgave him! How do i always forgive him??? GRRR! oh well if he breaks it again i will really get mad. Kyle is soooo weird, he was like putting the most random pictures of himself on his xanga! Omg kyle what is wrong with you?!?!? lol. anyways gotta go.There will be many updates tomorrow.

<33 Jadey

Monday, January 31, 2005

Jadey is backkk! and sexier than ever! jkjk. well this past weekend has been so busy with partying and Romeo & Juliet. Well the play turned out great and everyone was amazing. Except Matt. He sucked. jkjk! love you honey! The funniest part about the whole show was probably that the curtain got stuck on the balcony in ever single show! lol and when we tied up the curtain to prevent it, it got stuck anyway. lol we are so retarded anyway. On Friday, i took the Social Science Research thingy. i have a feeling i didnt make it because i was so tired that day and i had the worst cramps. After taking the test i went over to lexi's and she "nurtured" me. lol not that way! She just made me tea, and gave me chocolate and Tylenol and then she let me sit on the forbidden couch of DOOM!" (aka one of the couches that nobody sits on but its just there to look pretty)soo we ended up watching LOTR and it was soo funny. Well for all you people who saw the movie, you know the evil flame eye that is basically a big ball of fire on top of a tower? Well the pupil is in the shape like a vagina so we call it the VAGINA OF FIRE! lmao. and when they throw the ring in the lava, the eye shakes so we were like IT'S HAVING AN ORGASM! lmao! omg thankis alexis so much for Friday. you really cheered me up. I LOVE YOU ALEXIS YOU ARE THE BEST LIL SIS EVERRR! anyway the rest of the weekend was partying. The Romeo & Juliet parties were so much better than The Government Inspector's mainly because matty stayed with me. At Dan's party and at Ali's party we were the ones known for having sex on the couch even though we didnt do anything and just sat next to each other! they are so funny in such a weird way. anyway the play is over. *tear* And second semester just begun. Omg Ms. Brock is scaryyYY!! she is really shy and she kinda talks like she is being electricuted but i am sure she is nice. For our first assignment, we got paired up with people to interview them and then tomorrow we have to present a speech to the class about the other person. I had to group with Siddharth and Matt. omg i am alwayyyys stuck with you guys!!!! anyway getting kciked off chow.

<33 Jadey

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Omg i'm back!! Woot! Omg i am soo sorry for not posting at all this week i feel all sad now. I missed my bloggie soo much! *hugs computer screen* I just got back from hanging with kayla. Omg she has the funniest ring tone in the world! She has like this british guy and he says "Roses are red, violets cost more, pick up the phone you dirty whore!"Anyway I know this is a little delayed but i hope you all had a happy blizzard last weekend. I spent mine shoveling and studying. Um this week has been filled with midterms and qualifying exams. On Tuesday, i didnt have an exam but i had to be here early anyway because i had a bio review session. Wednesday, i had a Bio Midterm which was ok i guess, and i had a AP Euro Qualifying Exam which i think i did pretty well on. Today i had a Math Midterm which was easier then expected and tomorrow i have a Social Science Research qualifying exam. I didnt even sign up for that exam but the other day me and lizzie were going down the list and we were choosing who was gonna make it and then i saw my name on there and i was like WTF?!?! So now i have to take it. I think Mr. Webster signed me up. Gosh darnit, Mr. Webster! Anyway eevery night i have been here at school from 6-10 doing crew for the play which PREMIERES TONIGHT! I havent really been doing work for the show these past few days because i was too busy on this computer doing all of my English Honors Work because Ms. Pellett has to be a biotch. Oh well i am soooo happy i finished everything. The biggest week's news for me is probably that i got kicked off of Blue & White Night. I know that it was because my captains hate me but they told me that it was because i missed two practices and that those two practices were very important even though Kristiana missed about 8 but noo lets pick on the girl who actually likes to dance. They were even talking shit about me to the other girls on the teams and Faby told me that they were saying that i laugh too much and that i am fat. All i have to say is that i am sorry that i dont puke up my food and that i like to actually have fun while i am dancing! Oh well they are biznotches anyway. Oh well i am writing an entry because i am bored and i came to crew early. Everyone come see Romeo & Juliet! Its premieres tonight at 8 and it is gonna be playing Friday and Saturday night as well as Sunday afternoon! We have so much fun at the show. Every night this week while i was doing my work Steven and Dave kept adding stuff to my project everytime i left the computer and they wrote the funniest stuff ever. Dave wrote many adventures about SUPER DUPER NO NAME MAN! lol! When i was working on my rationale for english i left the computer for a second and this is what i found from steve and dave.

By Jugs Maniscocko

Once upon a time I gave Matt a big smoochy kiss on the cheek. The endíŽ or was it???!!!

Matt is secretly cheating on you with Mariah Carrey!
Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

Omg you guys are so funny. The show wouldnt be the same without you! Me and Tom have so much fun on crew. We were throwing candy at matt while he was rehearsing on stage and it was sooo funny. We also came up with really funny ideas about Romeo getting a cellphone call in the middle of a romantic scene like "Juliet, can you just hold on a sec, babe?" lmao TOM!! they should sooo do that, after all they are mondernizing it enough. Anyway i wanna wish everyone good luck tonight with the show. Matt, i wish you good luck. Dont be nervous, i have faith in you and i know you can do it. You know all your lines and i am sure that everything is going to turn out just fine. i love you. anyway i am going to go now because i think people are going to start getting here soon. Wow, i am sooo excited! Chowww people!

<33 Jadey

Friday, January 21, 2005

Its the end of the week, finally. I have had so many tests this week and essays and such so i get a little break, but not for long because midterms are on the way next week. Well yesterday was boring and today was ok. A Days stink because they are long and i only get a half hour off =(. Today classes were ok. I probably had the funnest time in art. Siddharth was sitting all by himself and i said "siddarth aww your sitting all by yourself.." and then i just broke out into song and i started singing "All by myself...Dont wanna be.. All by myself." And i was using the paintbrush as a microphone and then class went silence and a few people joined me and broke out into a song as well. We have to much fun. Kyle we have to bring in that song so we can do the wave! and Shout too. lol. YOU KNOW YOU MAKE ME WANNA SHOUT! TAKE MY HANDS UP AND SHOUT!... ok i'll stop now. Anyway I have to make a shoutout.. PAUL GOT ISS!!! Sorry paul, i had to do it. Its like one of those headlines you would see in the Enquirer or something. After school i walked with Alexis to Starbucks and we grabbed some tea and went to the library which is where i am now except now I am with Kayla in the and we are hanging and stuff. Matt is gonna pick us up soon cause we are going to his house. So i gotta go because he just called and he'll be here in 5 minutes. Chow.

<33 Jadey

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Well i havent posted in a few days so here's the update. My 3-Day weekend was ok. Saturday i went double dating with Paul and Catherine which was cool. Sunday i spent with kayla. Um. Monday was the funnest. I hung out with Diane and Kayla and we went to the library and then to Cheeburger Cheeburger. That was alot fun and we took many pictures. Diane omg u have to send me all those. I was sad on Monday and i really wanted Matt to comfort me but instead of being with me, he decided to go to his friends house but then he surprised me for like 1 minute at Cheeburger Cheeburger and it was sooo sweet even though it was only 1 minute. Thankis so much honey x3. Yesterday was ok, nothing much really happened. Art was sooo boring. omg Kyle never be absent from Art again i am serious! we need you! Anyway after school i had practice and we learned a new dance with this rock song called Boom, How you like that? and its sooo awesome. I really think i am getting better. w00t. Today was boring as well. I spent most of lunch hour doing my english honors draft and stuff. I also had practice after school today and around 6 i am going to leave to go to Subway to meet up with Alexis and Kayla and then we are gonna walk up to the school to go to our crew meeting. I amm soooo busy! Tomorrow i have more practice and we are doing one of our mini shows again and i am nervous because if i do really bad they will kick me off the team. Isnt that a great word of support? Oh well i know i am getting much better and i will try hard tomorrow. Oh well i am going to go observe matty now. He's at drama rehearsal. Chow!

<3 Alwayz,

Friday, January 14, 2005

Omg i like barely posted this week! I'm so sorry, i love you all! Well Wednesday was boring, A Days suck and ya. When school ended, i stayed there till about 6 working on my story and then afterwards i ate dinner at mattys. Thursday was a eventful day which explains why i couldnt post. Well it started off when i missed the bus that morning. Omg i am such a spaz. When i got to school, the bottoms of my pants were soaked. ughh! Well Spanish and Math were as boring as always and in Bio we had this HUGE TEST! AHH! I studied and studied for that test and it was super hard and i am afraid of my grade major. Well during lunch i spent part of the time with matty and then i ran up to the library to work on my story considering that it was due that day. After typing away for an hour, i had a Global test which was super hard also. But it was sooooo funny !! Omg one of the questions on the test was as follows, and i am dead serious.:
Which of the following tribes forced the others to take action on the Roman Empire?
A. Visigoths
B. Franks
C. Vandals
D. Huns
E. The Jade Maniscalco Tribe
LMAO!! omg mr.webster is soo funny and after the test everyone was laughing and i was like WOOT! i have my own tribe! That brightened my day! Well after that i had english and english is boring and ya. One of our assignments was to tell about a time where you did something wrong and you never got caught so me and alexis told our story about the time we walked past Il Forno and these waiters from inside were smiling at us and i threw my soda cup with ice in it at the window and we ran and then the guy came outside with a baseball bat and he was there for 10 minutes. LMAO! Alexis, good times, good times.Ms. Pellett told me that my draft would be due Friday instead but today she said it could be due Tuesday so YES!!! Anyway. After school, i had practice which totally wore me out considering that i had back pains that entire day. I really have to practice. After practice was the CHILI COOK OUT!! That was sooo awesome! The bands were great and me and Dave had a very loud arguement about the band, Fact or Fiction. ITS FICTION I TELL YOU! lol. Eventually Liz got me dancing so that turned out great. The chili was good but i ate too much and felt sick. But i had fun so it was good anyway. Well as for today, nothing much happened. Me and Alexis hung out after school and went to Starbucks and it was really crowded with all these tiny people and we had to wait in there until they left. Ugh! Oh well now i am here at the library and ya. Me, Matt, Paul and Catherine are DOUBLE DATING TOMORROW! WOOT! ok. well gotta go. Have a nice 3-day weekend and remember...Black pride! By the way, check out these pics from last weekend at paul's from baked good's picture trail!

My hair is sooo poofy in this picture. I wanted to hit matt for something but i dont remember what.
Baked Goods:Jade attempts to stab Lloyd with a toy Piano. Who could blame her?!

I think this picture was so funny. I sware i think we were high.
Baked Goods:I'm afraid. Very afraid.

Me giving Steve the finger.
Baked Goods:Jade's giving me the finger!

I think me and matt were attempting to dance in this picture. I have no clue what the other guys were doing..
Baked Goods:Lloyd and Jade dance; Miyagi and Tom drug deal.

I think me and matt look sooo cute in this picture. Awww. As you can see i am using it as my main photo.
Baked Goods:Quote of the Night Paul: "Matt, if you have sex in this house, I will kick your ass!"

I look so retarded in this picture! LOL! I think i look like a plumber!
Baked Goods: The resourceful Jade is always prepared.

Baked Goods: Lloyd is all tuckered out.

To see more pictures from our adventure at paul's, go to baked good's (steve) by clicking here

<3 Alwayz,

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Hey everyone i am at school now. Not much happened today. Third period i was with Kayla and Diane and we had this huge water fight which kinda involved Kyle considering that i chucked a bottle at his head. lol. We all got in trouble by the same aide! lol the one who needed to get laid. During lunch, i was with Kayla in "the hallway" with Jared and Andrew. Andrew kept trying to convince me to break up with him. He said that he is a dick and he doesnt respect me as much as he should. He also said that he is probably that he is using me and that he would bet anything that he is cheating on me. And he was talking about how he never sees him with me and he that he seems to make me miserable like at the drama party and he said that he never sees him with me and that he always sees him with other girls but never me with other boys. I mean many people have asked me if we have broken up because we arent really together as much and that they see him with other girls. Well i am still going out with him, i dont think i am gonna break up with him, i love him, and i am pretty sure he isnt cheating on me. What do u think? Anyway after school i had practice and i am getting soooooo much better.I stayed around for about a half hour to see matty after he got out of his rehearsal but his dad came early so he rushed out. I dont think matty would wait like that for me!!(no offense) But i saw him for part of the time during his rehearsal. Well after matt left, i walked to Subway to meet up with Kayla and Alexis and on the way while i was walking there i met up with Tom and he walked with me. We all spent time eating and playing with our cellphones lol! Funfun. Well crew got cancelled so now i am in the band room with Kayla. So i gotta go do random shit with her! Chow. Ps-omg i just screamed you cunt! and there is a assembly going on in the next room! LMAO! I'll probably put pics on this entry when i get to the libz. Chow.

<3 Alwayz,

Monday, January 10, 2005

This weekend went by fast. On Saturday, me and matty and his fam went to the hospital to visit his uncle to see how he was doing. He seemed to be doing alot better than when we saw him last. That night, we went to a party a Pauls! Mucho fun! Omg so we met paul's girl. She was actually really nice and i like her socks. lol. Her name is Catherine. She wasn't as techy as i expected. Well by the time we got there, they were clearly going out so that was a relief. He read her a poem and asked her out at the end of it. That is soooo sweet. Why do all the other guys do sweet things for their girlfriends but noooo not matty. Oh well i love him anyway. Well we all seemed to have fun watching OfficeSpace and talking and taking crazy pictures. I know Tom had fun *wink*wink*. Anyway the following day i went to mattys to work on my Global project which was due today but later on with that. I only finished my chart and research so that was good but my poster was nowhere close to being done. After doing research we went to visit his uncle again who is still doing well and then we went to Fridays and Home Depot and ya. The waitress in Fridays kept saying "Surrrrrre" so it was really funny because i say that all the time. Well today i had first period off with Alexis because Spanish was cancelled. WOOT! But i spent it doing part of the Global project and studying for a Bio Quiz that i didnt know i had till that morning. During 4-1 and 4-2, instead of eating with matty i finished my entire Global project that was due the next period. I am such a procrastinator! Oh well as far with eating with matty goes, i could have eaten with him today, Friday or Thursday but we really didnt because he keeps eating lunch with someone who gives me a major headache so i really hate eating with him now. He cant leave the person just once? Oh well who cares. I write good depressing poetry when i am alone anyway. After school, i went with Kayla to Subway to grab some chow and then we went to her social worker who is awesome major and we showed her all of our home videos. lol. And now i am here at school because i have a Blue & White Night info meeting which is madatory so ya. I have to go because it starting soon so chow everyone!

<3 Alwayz,

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Today was interesting i guess. Well as most of you know i am a major procrastinator and well today i spent first and second period classes trying to finish reading my honors book We Were the Mulvaneys since i had my meeting that day third period. Well it turns out, that i didnt even need to discuss the book today, i just had to discuss what i was going to do for my project. That took a weight off my shoulders. I felt even happier when i found out that BIO-H WAS CANCELLED!! For the first time this year. omg it was a miracle! I sware i thought that something was gonna get cancelled today! WOOT! Anyway that left me 4-1 and 4-2 off. That all added up to having 3 and 1/2 hours off today! w00t! Well i ate lunch with matty and meaghan too at 4-1. Meaghan gave me a major headache (no offense). Then i hung out with Kayla for 4-2. Then in art we had to draw these positive space and negative space contour thingys. Who gets them anyway? Me and Kyle dont. My teacher said i should go for AP. I am soo bad at art. What is she thinking?? Anyway after school i had blue dance practice. Since i was a practice behind, everyone knew the dance but me so i had to learn in the hallway but Dani taught me really quickly so i got so confused and then i had to learn another dance so i i keep confusing one with another. We danced for 2 1/2 straight hours. I have like the biggest headache EVER! grrr. oh well i have to go and study math for my test tomorrow so chow everyone. By the way check out this really funny picture!!

<3 Alwayz,

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Hey well i am at school now because i have so much stuff to do here and i have an hour off right now till i have to go to a stage crew meeting. Well it turns out that the math test i was cramming for last night isnt until Friday so i feel like an idiot but now i know the material. Um.. nothing else really happened today during school. Right after school i went to Ms. Pellett's room with Alexis to help make bracelets that are going to be sold on Friday to help generate money to be donated to all the Isuami survivors. All proceeds are dedicated to them.You guys should serious buy them since i made a lot of them!! At the bracelet meeting I SAW ERIC! WOOT! I asked him what he was doing here and he asked me what i was doing and i said self-explanatory and he said nice. And that was it! haha kayla i saw eric! Anyway It was really fun making them. Somebody brought a CD and it was really funny because it had all these songs from the 90's and Ms. Pellett was soooo funny. At one point everyone was talking really loud and i was like "alexis do you hear that?" and it was those girls that talk in the beginning of Baby Got Back and then all of sudden Ms. Pellett heard it and she like broke into song and said really loud "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!" and then the song Sexual Healing came on and she was like i love this song! omg i could totally picture getting drunk at a party. lol. Anyway at one point i recieved a message from Ms. Gombert saying that she found me a squad! YAY!! So i looked around in the hallways for her and eventually i found her and she introduced me to my captains. Well let me remind you that i learned the white dance AND the blue dance. And i only tried out for the white dance. Well the girls who taught me the blue dance are my captains and they knew that i didnt try out for Blue so they asked me how i got in and i told them that i tried out for white but Ms. Gombert got me on Blue and when they heard that, they gave this evil stare kinda thing and well i could tell they were thinking TRAITOR! omg i think they hate me now but i hope not. They were really nice... oh boy. Anyway well my crew meeting starts at 7 so i gotta run but before i go i must say something. Emily Breen has been spreading rumors about me throughout the school and NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE So far she has told people that i gave matt head, that she and matt were having sex on a daily basis while part of the time we have been going out and that me and her had sex. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING PSYCHO ARE YOU EMILY BREEN? Well if you are reading this you are immature little whore who cant think of anything else better to do than to try to screw up people's lives and relationships and sorry but it doesnt work. You are nothing but a weak jealous girl who has to blame how she feels to the whole dam world. And if you really expect me and matt to be nice to you, then you really have some fucking mental issues. I never curse at people, really i dont, i dont believe in hating people, but you, you deserve to be cursed out.And am i gonna start rumors about you? No. I am not as low of a person as you are. Sorry but if you trying to make anyone feel bad or upset sorry but your not. I have a hard life, and believe me, what you are trying to do isnt even close to a speck of what i have to go through. So sorry you didnt win this time. Nope. Your just a sore loser. Sorry everyone you had to read that but its just how i feel. Dont worry i love you all! Alright well gotta go. Meeting is starting! Chow!

<3 Alwayz,

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Hey. Well yesterday i did post an entry but apparently it got deleted or something since everything i edited was gone. Anyway. ITS THE FIRST ENTRY OF 2005!!WOO! Today is me and matty's 4 MONTH ANNIVERSARY!! I LOVE YOU MATTY x3!!Well nothing much really happened yesterday. I had first and third off. Third period, i hung out with kayla and diane and for part of the time i was talking to geli. she told me that our moms got drunk together on New Years Eve and that they could barely walk! LMAO geli! love ya x3. That explains why she was in a good mood the next day... anyway. Well after school that day, i spoke with Ms. Gombert and she said that i would be on the Blue team but she wasnt sure which squad yet so she would have to call me. She says that she is pretty sure there is room. Anyway today was sooo hectic! I hate A Days. Only a 1/2 hour off. Well it turns out i have a math test tomorrow which isnt good because i had no idea about it and i barely remember the material. In Gym, we played Basketball and i was like the only one scoring on our team! I kicked Kyle's ass! Haha kyle, i dont care what u say! My team didnt kick ur ass but i did! Anyway at one point i had to block Chris Ryder and he is like six feet tall and it was really funny because i was so short compared to him and it was so hard to block him. In Bio, we were talking about cows and sexual determination. Mr. Crivelli wrote it like *SEX*ual dertermination. He is sooo funny. Lunch was short. In English, we had to list in order who was the most responsible for the Holocaust out of these 10 groups and me and alexis were like Think Holocaust! Think Holocaust!*thinks*..Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama!... THINK HOLOCAUST! LMAO! In Art, me siddharth and kyle had to draw these wooden shapes without looking at them(blind contour) and we had fun playing with wooden objects. LMAO! it was really funny because we kept screwing them up and this one shape looked like a penis and the other two looked like breasts so it looked like a transvestite and we kept moving them in weird positions. omg we are so perverted. Anyway well i have so much work to do today which includes a 2 page current events essay in Global, a whole explaination outline for a Holocaust essay, i have to finish one of my honors books, and i have to study super hard for math. Ugh so much work! Oh well i am going to go take this survey before i start.. chow guys!
1. What did you do in 2004 that you'd never done before?
Tons of things.. um I went on my very first cruise. I stayed up 24 hours twice. I got my first boyfriend and i got a few others later on. I fell in real love.
2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
I did keep my new years resolution to lose all that weight and to stay thin.
3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
4. Did anyone close to you die?
Fortunately, no.
5. What countries did you visit?
Puerto Rico, BVI and AVI
6.What would you like to have in 2005 that you lacked in 2004?
A better life.
7. What date from 2004 will remain etched upon your memory?
August 19th-The day me and Becca left for our cruise. August 29th-the day i met matty and September 4th-the day he asked me out.
8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Getting much higher grades and losing about 28 pounds.
9. What was your biggest failure?
I dont know.
10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
Fortunately, no.
11. What was the best thing you bought?
I am not sure. Probably my phone considering that the other one was REALLY broken. haha old memories.
12. Whose behavior merited celebration?
Most people "behaved" well, I suppose, but who am I to judge? Probably Scargo!! And Soprano!! WOO!
13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
14. Where did most of your money go?
Shopping and saving for the cruise.
15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?
My summer rocked, i went on a 8 day cruise with my best friend and i got my boyfriend.
16. What song will always remind you of 2004?
"Cleveland Rocks" and "Time Stands Still".
17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
i. Happier or Sadder?
I must say happier!
ii. Thinner or Fatter?
Defintely Thinner.
iii. Richer or Poorer?
18. What do you wish you'd done more of?
I'm not sure.
19. What do you wish you'd done less of?
Waste time.
20. How will you be spending / did you spend Christmas?
I spent it at matts house with him and his family.
21. What was the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in 2004? I
honestly i dont know. Maybe when i thought that Native Americans could ride buffalo. LMAO! That was soo funny in SS in 8th grade!
22. Did you fall in love in 2004?
Yes. With my true love, Matty. I love you x3.
23. How many one-night stands?
Yes many. jkjk. no.
24. What were your favorite TV programs?
i dont know.. DEGRASSI! lol thankis matt for introducing me into the world of degrassi!
25. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
One person.
26. What was the best book you read?
The Five People You Meet In Heaven, by Mitch Albom.
27. What was your greatest musical discovery?
Umm.. Rock. TBS, Yellowcard, AAR!
28. What did you want and get?
A boyfriend.
29. What did you want and not get?
A part in Romeo & Juliet.
30. What was your favorite film of this year?
I have no clue. Maybe Shrek 2 no wait.. MEET THE FOCKERS!!
31. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?
I turned 14 and i think i went with nikki to get my nails done and i ate pizza with some friends.
32. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
If I continued to get straight A+s in Schreiber like i did in Weber.

<3 Alwayz,

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