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Currently accepting applications

No experience necessary

It's time to register for our Modeling & Acting Sessions. Come to our PRE-REGISTRATION TO HEAR ABOUT THE PROGRAM AND ASK QUESTIONS on October 11, 2008 at 1:30pm. E-mail us today for details!

AUDITION for our upcoming Stage Play "Abandoned" E-mail us for more details.

Images of Success was founded in 2002. Since then, we have trained youth and young adults in modeling and acting, as well as build their confidence and self-esteem. Some of our clients have even had the opportunities to be in independent films and fashion shows. One independent film aired at the Magic Johnson Theater in 2005, and clients enjoyed seeing themselves on the big screen.

Program includes:

Building your Confidence
Nutrition and Hygiene
Financial Planning
Photo Shoot
and much, much more....

Hear what our students think:
Images of Success was one of the best experiences I have been a part of because it taught me so much about life itself & the entertainment business...Jasmine N.

I liked this program because it was real and it didn't sugarcoat anything. The lesson I liked most was the financial planning...Danielle G.

Overall, Images of Success was a great opportunity towards following your dreams about becoming an actor or model. I think it would help get people off the streets and make people stronger when it comes to their social life, acting and modeling. The program really helped me come out of my shell... Deja W.

I learned a lot of information about myself, and what I need to do to become an actress. What I came to respect about the program is that there is plenty of information provided that can't be offered anywhere else, except through years of experience...Shanisha B.

Overall, this program was fun. It taught me some helpful things that I think might be useful. It gave me a heads-up on how to be prepared for an audition and what to bring...Charles W.

This is a good program. I have to say I learned a lot and had fun. I am more comfortable around different people. When school starts I will be able to talk to people with no problem. I learned to break out of my shyness, even though it may sometimes come back and try to take over. I also learned that I should get ready for real life in my teenage years, like being a good adult and how to handle a job and money...Marissa B.

We are accepting applications for males and females ages 12-19.
Sign up now for our next semester. Don't miss out!

If you wish to contact us please e-mail us at or call