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Field Trips

This section will feature photos from trips that I have taken both during my job and, during vacation and at airshows. I really enjoy travelling to new places and I love to fly in airplanes. I do a lot of travelling for my job around the country so sometimes I get to meet up with fellow photographer friends in different cities and go shooting together. Sometimes I luck out and come accross an airport that has some planes that I am able to photograph. For me it is always a joy when I get to photograph an airplane at an airport that I have never been to, especially some of the smaller airports around the US. Sometimes the smaller airports have some of the most unique planes and you never know what you will find at an out od the way airport. The photo above was taken while flying through thunder storms into Dallas-Fort Worth(DFW) in May of 2001. (Copyright Stephen Toernblom)

California to Idaho......Hey Look, Potatoes!
The Land of Cheese and Vikings, Yah You Betcha!
Viva Las Vegas 2002