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Long Beach Airport - Daugherty Field (LGB)

Long Beach Airport - Daugherty Field(LGB) is the closest airport to me and I have also worked for 2 airlines that use to fly here. LGB is not only surrounded by many well known places as Disneyland and the beach, but LGB also lies right in the middle of Southern California. The airport is rich in history especially with McDonnell Douglas building all of their jets here. Many of the sports teams who play the Anaheim Angels and Anaheim Mighty Ducks use LGB for it's versatility and low landing and ramp fees. During the most part of the 1990's this airport did not have much airline service and only America West never left the airport. But since jetBlue has started to use LGB as a west coast hub, business's all around the airport have started to show more activity. I have been taking photos at LGB since 1995 which may not be a long time but I have managed to shoot some pretty interesting aircraft and airlines that have come through this airport and that are also based here. The photo gallery has a wide variety of airplanes that I have shot. So take a look and you may be suprised by what you see. (Copyright Stephen Toernblom)

LGB Photo Gallery 1
LGB Photo Gallery 2
LGB Photo Gallery 3
LGB Photo Gallery 4
LGB Photo Gallery 5
LGB Photo Gallery 6