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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

Welcome to the LAX Airport section of the website. I have been taking photos at LAX since I was about 10 years old and have seen things change as well as airlines that have come and gone. LAX has probably one of the best variety of airlines flying into the airport anywhere in the world. Of course with the winter weather being very nice and mild, it makes LAX very attractive for taking photos. Clear days are the best especially right after it rains! You get a lot of the carriers from Asia as well as Europe. One airline that I look forward to seeing soon is Emirates. They announced that they intend to start service to LAX within 2 years. I love taking approach shots of airplanes at LAX because I love seeing a plane in the air on approach or after taking off. There is nothing in the background to take away from a good photo. I hope you enjoy looking a the photo galleries for LAX. (Copyright Stephen Toernblom)

LAX Photo Gallery 1
LAX Photo Gallery 2
LAX Photo Gallery 3
LAX Photo Gallery 4
LAX Photo Gallery 5
LAX Photo Gallery 6