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Wed, Sep 22 2004

Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: but i do love youuu.. leeann rimes yesss
so.. i decided making a webpage would be an awesome idea. i haven't updated my old webpage in about 9 months.. seriously, and i wanted to make a fun one. my other one is boring to me now.. cause i had it for awhile. and it was basically all black and white. this one i'm doing it the easy way although i like html.. buuut its a lot easier to update if i just do it this wayyy ya know. ok so anyways enough about my webpages! the other day i was trying to figure out what schools to apply to.. because im just thinking if i dont get accepted to SRU.. then i need a backup plan. i mean its SRU but still. and then i was looking up freakin applications and it was annoying me to death cause im dumb and couldnt figure out how to print it right, cause when i did all these boxes came up.. and i got frustrated and quit..... so i should probably work on that sometime soon here. but one good thing about me being on that site is that i found out that they have a dual major for elementary ed and special ed which is WONDERFUL because i could notttt figure out what the heck i wanted to do. last saturday charlie and i picked up my dress and shoes so im so excited for homecoming now.. but its like 3 weeks away. i cant wait for it! buuut its my last one ever!:( makes me kinda saddd.. my freakin heels are only like 8 inches tall. hahah no but i cant walk in them so this should be a blasttt. but anyways im outtta here. peace outtttt;)

posted by danni at 8:57 PM EDT
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Sun, Sep 19 2004
first entry...
Mood:  a-ok
Now Playing: avriiil
so i felt like making one of these.. cause i love these types of things.. and it really made me happy to do it all.. but the mood things are really quite embarrassing haha.. they are really weirrd. im still trying to decide whether er not i should do my "fun" webpage. i had it started and it was cute.. buut i dunno what to put on it at all. i did my front page and then i just had a blank on what other pages to add, cause i mean.. i have somewhere for my pictures now? so i dunno i can see whether or not im gonna make it er not. im so excited.. this week im on vacation for work haha. im not working on a sunday!!! yesss. and i get next friday and sat... soo this should be fun? haha well i think im gonna go decide what to do toooday! cyaaa

posted by danni at 10:54 AM EDT
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