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ΗāŘŜħ ŘōĐũĈţĩōŇ  


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[[12th May 2004]

The site is starting to take shape and I shall be working on it more to get it finished quicker, Expect News, Screenshots and all types of media to come, For all your gaming need, Let Harsh Gamers, Be your Guide... and as if that wasn't enough ive opened a forum



[21st May 2004]

This site is starting to move on now in its production stages i shall enjoy watching my site grow, As for the other side of things....

[Rainbow Six 3]

Me and Coopertron have been testing this Trainyard map, we've come to the conclusion that although it may be a very good map, It may be a little TOO big, Though me and him seem to have enough fun on there mashin each other up ;)

[Project Gotham Racing 2]

Yes... im still playing this game.. and with the new hot download that's available... Why not?

[Paris Booster Pack]

7 New cars & 7 new maps in Paris, Cost about 3 to download however... The TVR CERBERA SPEED 12 is worth that alone >8D



::[HaRSh GaMeRZ]::

Try n F*%k, and you'll Get F*%ked...


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