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The Gift Wrap Plan

I love the holidays and beautifully wrapped holiday gifts. My family and friends have commented for years on how beautiful my gift wrappings are, and how creative. When I was in Nebraska I even had people who wanted me to wrap special gifts for them, for all occasions. Can you imagine anything more wonderful than giving a gift wrapped in beautiful paper, with a handmade card, and a little trinket to make the whole picture perfect? Well I can do that for you. Beyond the fancy stuff though, I can do your everyday gifts too. Maybe you just want a few wrapped in the beautiful way, and maybe the rest simply, but you just donít have the time. Here is how the gift wrap system works. I come to your home, pick up your gifts, and return them to you wrapped within just a few days. We sign a contract for price, and loss/responsibility. I wrap in all styles from country, to elegant, to modern. I also have custom made papers, as well as trinkets, crafts, and cookies in addition to hand made gift cards to make the package very special. We will discuss what you want, and how you want your gifts wrapped. If you are interested or want more information, click the link below and email me!!!

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