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The Cookie Plan


When I was younger one of my favorite memories at the holidays was the cookies. My favorite was, and still is those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the middle. Not very fancy, but oh so yummy. I have so many friends who love those memories of holiday cookies, but donít have the time at the holidays to make them. They also want to give those home made gifts to friends and family, but donít have the time or skill to make them. Well that is where I come in. I will make your cookies for you! I can use your recipes or mine and get those home made results that cannot be duplicated even by the best bakeries. Do you have a favorite family recipe you want to share with your friends? Give it to me, Iíll make it, and you can pass it off as your own work. None of your friends ever have to know you didnít spend hours over the stove and you can give the perfect homemade gift. I can package and mail these cookies for you using your address as the return address so you can send your love and thoughts all over the country. I can even make up batches of some dough and freeze it for you to use at a later time and just put the finishing touches on it. How would you like to decorate cookies with your kids, but not take the time to make and refrigerate the dough? Well my frozen cookies are the answer, they are already in the shapes, just go direct from the freezer to the oven. What could be easier? Even if you need special sugar free cookies, that isnít a problem. I have lots of experience cooking for the special diet as my mother is a diabetic! I use splenda, and make great sugar free cookies. If you are interested in my services click on the link to contact me, and Iíll respond to your email as soon as I can!

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