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Hm. Somehow you stumbled across Good Charlotte Therapy. I know strange name. It actually has a purpose...

See...I had this problem with cutting. So on my hand...I wrote Captivate Me. On the inside of my wrist where I cut, I wrote Motivate Me. So when I wanna cut I listen to Motivation Proclamation, then Hold On, then Moving On and it ALWAYS works.

Things like that. We're always looking for pictures, news, and stories that are similar to mine. ^_^ If you have anything to say to us (other than hate mail or fan mail) then do so! You can contact us at:

News 'n Stuff...we'll keep you updated constantly. We'll have news from the guys themselves. It's pretty cool.
Stories...we need YOUR good charlotte experiences. Whether it's them saving your life through music, or you meeting them. Tell us EVERYTHING. We're here for ya!
Pictures...we need pictures of the guys!! All pictures are welcome.

That sums it up for now. We'll redo the site in a few days and all that good rot. Ok. So now you wanna know more about the people behind the scenes.
Kathryn (she's so she runs the can tell she's a little