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A *Beary* Happy St. Patty's Day to You!!

St. Patrick's Day Theme  Ideas

Crafts & Activities
Songs, Finger Plays & Nursery Rhymes

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Crafts & Activities

St. Patrick's Day Crown
Construction paper (white and green)

Cut a 2 inch wide strip of white paper long enough to fit around your head.  Tape the ends  together.  Cut two more strips of paper, each 1 inch wide and 12 inches long.  Fold one strip in half and make a 2 inch cut in the center.  Glue that strip from one side of the headband to the other. Glue the second strip on so that the band is divided into quarters. Tuck and glue the center of the second strip into the cut of the first. Cut a shamrock shape from the green construction paper and glue into the center.  Decorate the crown with small green shamrocks!

Shamrock People
Cut out a large shamrock from light green construction and glue on small construction paper (dark green) shamrocks for eyes, nose & mouth. Attach paper strips, folded accordian style, for arms and legs,  attach small paper shamrocks for hands/feet.

Surprise St. Patty's Day Tube
Paper towel tube
green tissue paper
aluminum foil,  colored foil paper, or colored cellophane
snack food and/or small toy

Cut a section from a paper towel tube to make it a little shorter. For a handle, tape the ends of a piece of yarn to the inside of each tube end. Cut and glue a strip of green tissue paper around the edge of each end of the tube.  Cut slits in the tissue for fringe.  Cover  the tube with glue and foil/cellophane.  Add cut paper shamrocks.  Place small snack food or toy inside the middle of the tube.  Stuff the tube ends with crumpled tissue paper. 

Stuffed Shamrocks
Cut two large construction paper shamrocks and decorate with a special St. Patrick's Day stamps or stickers.. Punch holes along the edges and lace together with yarn or ribbon, leaving several inches open. Stuff with crumpled tissue paper, finish lacing, and tie a bow at the top!

Shamrock Lunch Bags
Decorate your kids brown paper lunch bags for the occasion.  Use potatoes cut in half and carved into the shape of shamrocks. Dip in paint and press on to paper bags. 

Bean Bag Toss
Cut a large (or two smaller) pot of gold shaped holes in the front of a large piece of cardboard or the front or top of a cardboard box.  Decorate in a St. Pat's Day theme!  Have the kids practice throwing bean bags (gold)  into the holes. 

St. Patrick' s Day Play Dough
1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon oil, green food coloring or Kool-Aid (in a "green" flavor!)

Combine flour, salt, and cream of tartar in a saucepan. Mix liquids and gradually stir them into dry ingredients. When mixture is smooth, cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until a ball forms. Remove  from heat and knead until smooth. Can use unsweetened Kool-Aid instead of food coloring. The Kool-Aid will color it and make it smell great!   This is a very pliable and long-lasting play dough, with a more elastic consistency than uncooked play dough.

Science - Make a St. Patrick's Day Rainbow
Contributed by: CBA-Childcare By Anna-Lise

Pour 2-3 cups of milk into a 8-9" baking pan.  Add 6-8 drops of liquid food coloring to each corner of the baking pan (yellow in one corner, green in another etc.).  Add 6-8 drops of liquid dish detergant in the middle and watch the rainbow form.

Shamrock Collage 
Cut shamrock shapes in different textures and patterns from wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric...etc.  Have the children glue their shapes on a piece of paper to create a colorful shamrock collage!

Leprechaun Hat
small green plastic bowl or styrofoam bowl (painted green) 
green & gold glitter 
green construction paper 

If using styrofoam bowl; paint the day before and allow to dry completely. Using a paint brush, spread glue all over underside of bowl. Sprinkle generously with glitter; shake to remove access. Allow to dry. Punch a hole on either side of hat and tie with string to hold on child's head.  Wrap the brim with a length of ribbon, and tuck a construction paper shamrock behind the ribbon with a dab of glue. 
** Note: To prevent the glitter from flaking off, you can spray the hat with a clear acrylic spray (found in craft store). This stuff is toxic when spraying, so do this in a well ventilated area and when the kids are not around :) 

St. Patrick's Day Mobile 
For the mobile you will need: large paper plate; white thread; green & gold glitter; glue; green ribbon; green paint, felt markers or stickers 

Carefully cut the center out of the middle of the paper plate; cut three smaller circles from the middle or from heavy cardboard**. Paint or draw a shamrock in the center of each small circle or use St. Patrick's Day stickers. Spread glue on the paper plate ring; and sprinkle generously with glitter; shake off access. Punch a hole in the top of each of the 3 small circles and ring. Punch three more holes in the ring to attach the smaller circles with thread so they suspend in the centre of the ring. Attach a ribbon to the top of the ring to hang. 
 **You could also cut 3 circles from coffee filters (the center only). Fold each circle in half and apply a dab of green paint to one side; fold over and press gently to create a design. Allow to dry before hole punching and attaching to the ring. 

Shamrock Rubbings
Cut shamrock shapes from an assortment of textured materials, such as burlap, corduroy, sandpaper, cardboard, etc. Place the shape under a piece of white paper. Show the kids how to hold an unwrapped green crayon sideways and color over the paper until the shamrock appears.

Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes

What Color Are You Wearing?
   Suit actions to words.  Repeat until most of the common colors are used.

Leader says:
Green, green, green
Who is wearing green today? 
Green, green, green, green
Who is wearing green? 

All children with green showing say:
I am wearing green today. 
Look at me and you will say 
Green, green, green, green
I am wearing green today. 

Five Little Leprechauns
   Hold up one finger at a time, or put five little leprechauns on the felt board!

Five little leprechauns dressed in green
They're the hapiest I've ever seen.
This leprechaun has a big gold ring.
This leprechaun has a song to sing.
This leprechaun wears a funny wig.
This leprechaun likes to dance the jig.
This leprechaun nods his head to say,
"We wish you a happy St. Patrick's Day!"

Five Little Leprechauns II
   Use five fingers or five leprechauns on the felt board.

Five little leprechauns knocked at my door,
One chased a rainbow, then there were four.
Four little leprechauns oh so wee,
One picked a shamrock, then there were three.
Three little leprechauns hiding in my show,
One found a toadstool, then there were two.
Two little leprechauns dancing in the sun,
One went in seach of gold, then there was one.
One little leprechain on the run,
He shined his shoe buckles, then there was none.

I met a little elf-man
Down where the lilies blow, 
   (use thumb and pointer finger to indicate size) 
I asked him why he was so small 
And why he didn't grow. 
   (shrug shoulders, hands out at sides, palms up) 
He slightly frowned and with his eyes 
He looked me through and through 
   (tilt head to side and look serious) 
"I'm just as big for me," said he, 
"As you are big for you." 
   (place hands on hips)

If You're Wearing Green Today
   (Sung to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb.")
When all are standing up, for a circle and play another game!
If you're wearing green today, 
Green today, green today, 
If you're wearing green today, 
Please stand up. 

If you're wearing pink today, 
Pink today, pink today,

         ...and so on.


Gold Coins
Miniature Ritz peanut butter sandwich cookies 
Butterscotch chips- one bag 

Melt the chips in a double boiler.  Dip the sandwich cookies into the mixture. Place on wax paper to dry.   You can also dip these in chocolate and sprinkle with green sprinkles and give as gifts for St. Patrick's Day.

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