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Crafts & Activities
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Crafts & Activities

Magnetic Shape Board
Cut out several shapes in different colors from heavy paper (squares, triangles, circles, half circles & rectangles).  Glue a piece of magnet on the back.  Let the kids build "creations" using the shapes in different ways.  A fridge, a large cookie sheet or magnetic blackboard work great!  This project could also be done with a felt board and felt shapes, as well as with fun foam! 

Sorter Bean Bags 
Home made bean bags are easy to make.  I made mine from a light denim material.  Stuff them loosely with a small bean or unpopped corn (rice works too, but will break down into a powder after awhile).  To use as a shape sorter, I hand painted (with fabric paint) a shape on each beanbag set - circle, half circle, triangle, square & diamond. (I made stencil shapes from heavy cardboard to use as a guide).  I made five sets with five beanbags each.  Each set had a beanbag with one shape; two shapes; three shapes; four shapes; and five shapes painted on one side.  The other side had the number to match the # of shapes on each bag.  All the #1's (or bags with one shape) were painted with red; #2's (or bags with 2 shapes) with yellow; #3's with green; #4's with orange; #5's with dark blue. 

When we play beanbag games, I ask each child to find a different bean bag:  Child #1 looks for all the triangles; Child #2 looks for all the squares, etc.  Next time I will ask them to look for the colors; or the numbers or to choose one of each shape! 

Shape Treasure Hunt 
Cut out large shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle) from heavy cardboard.  Write the "shapes" name on each shape.  You may want to laminate each shape.  Punch a hole in each shape and tie a long string/ribbon so that it can hang around a child's neck.  Give each child a shape to take with them, and ask them to find a number of items in the daycare that match the shape.  Younger children can look for one item at a time and bring to you.  Older children can look for "5" items before returning to you. 

Tip:  This idea works great for teaching colors too!

Shape House
construction paper, scissors, glue stick, markers or crayons 

Pre-cut different shapes out of cardboard; let children trace shapes onto construction paper and cut shapes out.  They can glue the shapes together
to make a house.  Or simply cut out construction paper shapes; and glue onto another sheet of paper.

Crayon Rubbings
Cut several shapes out of sandpaper, textured wallpaper, paper doilies.  Show children how to place their shape under their paper.  Rub over cutours with crayons.

Shape Hunt
Go on a shape hunt.  Show the children a shape and ask them to find things in the room that look like that shape.

Make a Newspaper Hat
Make a newspaper hat that has 3 corners.  Sing "My Hat has Three Corners" (see below).

Rainbows Circles
Pre-cut (or have older kids cut themselves) 7 circles, each one an inch smaller than the other - starting with the largest at 9 inches.  Cut 9 inch circles from red construction paper; 8 inch circles from orange; 7 inch from yellow; 6 inch from green; 5 inch from blue; 4 inch from purple; 3 inch from pink. Have the kids glue the circles on top of each other in order of size.  Don't worry about centering each circle - let the kids be creative!  When they are finished gluing, cut the finished project in half.  You have two rainbows - we hang one in the daycare and the kids get to take the other one home! 

Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes

My Hat Has Three Corners
My hat has three corners,
Three corners has my hat.
A hat without three corners,
Could never by my hat.

Recipes & Food Ideas

Serve triangle shaped crackers & cheese for snack.

Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe, and let the children help cutting out shapes with cookie cutters (round, square, rectangle, stars, etc.)

Shape Snack Fun!
Serve the kids a fun snack made up of circles (cheerios, fruit loops, apple rings, kiwi rings), squares( shreddies, small crackers), triangles (cheese slices, melon pieces),  rectangles (pineapple sticks, carrot/celery/cucumber sticks with dip).  Before they eat, ask the kids to identify the shapes and put like shapes together!

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