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Preschool Themes
Crafts, activities, songs, and related themes

Seasonal & Holiday Themes:
Winter Spring Summer Autumn
Christmas  Easter Back to School
Santa | Reindeer St. Patrick's Day Halloween
Groundhog Day Mother's Day Thanksgiving
Valentine's Day May Day
Miscellaneous Themes:
Trains; Transportation Bugs 'n' Butterflies Math
Circus Colors Construction
Down on the Farm Apples Penguins
Puppets At the Zoo Shapes
Flowers 'n' Gardening Ice Cream Sun, Moon, Stars & Planets
Fire Safety Bears 'n' Teddy Bears Dinosaurs
Rainbows Rain Weather
Prop Box Ideas
Lots of great ideas for dramatic play
All About Me
Includes:  All About Me Unit
The Alphabet
Letters A-Z
Make your own Instruments
Castle Unit
Knights, Dragons, Medieval, Royalty
Includes:  Give A Mouse A Cookie Unit
Under the Ocean Sensory for Kids Fish/Fishing
Kites Science for Kids

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Costume Ideas
for Dramatic Play, Halloween or anything in between!

Fun with Arts & Crafts

Craft Recipes

Printable Activity Pages for Kids

Activity & Game Ideas for all ages

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