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Halloween Theme

Crafts & Activities
Songs, Finger Plays, Nursery Rhymes

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Crafts & Activities:
0.43kbWitches Brew
Start this activity early in October.  At the beginning of the month bring in a large black pot that looks like a witches' pot!  Make up or read a story about witches brew.  Inside the pot place a piece of paper with a note that reads "I am the Witch of the West and I am out gathering ingredients for a special halloween brew!"  Throughout the month, the "witch" will deposit her special ingredients in the pot for the kids to discover!  Place the ingredients in a sealed plastic bag - and then inside a paper lunch bag marked "Drops of Blood"; "Owls Eyes"; etc.  On Halloween, the kids can empty all the bags and stir the brew!

Brew Recipe:

1 C. Blood Drops - Red Hots
1 C. Owl Eyes - round candy (the ones that are out at halloween (white with orange & black)
1 C. Cats Eyes - peanut M & M's
1 C. Chicken Toenails - orange cone-shaped candy
1 C. Colored Flies - M & M's
1 C. Butterfly Wings - dried banana chips
1 C. Earthworms - gummy worms
1 C. Cat Claws - sunflower seeds
1 C. Ants - raisins
1 C. Snake Eyes - chocolate chips
1 C. Monkey Brains - popcorn
1 C. Lizard Gizzards - thin red licorice strings
1 C. Bat Bones - pretzels sticks

0.43kbMilk Jug Masks
Cut out the mask shape from a plastic milk jug being careful to round corners so that the edges are not sharp.  Cut openings for the eyes - a paper hole punch works well to start the hole.  Allow children a variety of materials to create their own special work of art.  Paint (tempera mixed with a little dish detergent will allow the paint to stick to the plastic), stickers, glitter, feathers.  You can also use a hole punch to make holes in which to attach yarn, streamers or fabric strips to create hair, mane, etc.

Tip:  When using white glue, squeeze into saucer and allow to air a while to become less runny; when thick, popsicle sticks can be used to spread glue.

0.43kbPaper Bag Pumpkins
Have the children stuff a paper bag with newspaper, tissue paper, or scraps of paper.  Twist the top around real tight to make the stem of the pumpkin.  Children can paint it orange (brown or green for the stump).  The children could also cut out triangles for the eyes, nose and a half circle for the mouth.

0.43kbJack O Lanterns
Cut out pumpkin shapes from paper and let the children paint with orange paint!  Let them add black triangles (with paper or paint).

0.43kbTrick or Treat Bags
With large paper bags - let the children color, paint or add stickers to them.  Cut long strips of construction paper, to staple on for handle.

0.43kbMosaic Pumpkin
Draw a circle on black paper.  Have the children glue on small cut up squares of orange paper or small pieces of scrunched tissue paper.  Older children could leave space of the black paper for nose, eyes, etc.  Smaller children could add black triangles, etc.

0.43kbGrocery Bag Masks
Help the children cut out circles for eyes and paint, color, glue on things to make their very own halloween mask.

0.43kbClothespin Bats
Paint a spring clothespin black.  Let dry.  Clip a piece of black tissue paper or coffee filters (dip in diluted black paint) the pin for wings.  Add small black triangles for ears.

0.43kbMagic Ghost Print
Ask each child to fold a piece of black construction paper in half, then dribble white paint into the crease.  Ask the kids to briefly press the paper back together, then open it - and a ghost will appear!

Tip:  As an alternative, pour black paint onto orange paper to make creepy bats and bugs!

0.43kbPaper Grocery Bag Costume & Mask
paper grocery bags
crayons, markers, paint
glue, tape, etc.
scrap paper, scrap fabric, buttons (and anything else you can imagine!)

Depending on what you are making, cut holes for eyes, arms, neck, etc.  Use your imagination and design as you want.

0.43kbPumpkin Patch Picture
cotton balls
orange paint powder
pie pan
brown construction paper
green yarn

Put the paint powder in the pie pan.  Roll the cotton balls around in the paint and then set aside.  Spread glue onto the brown piece of paper.  Put on the orange cotton balls** (pumpkins) and the green yarn (vines). **or just use orange pompoms!

0.43kbPop Can Bats
black spray paint
tacky glue
tempera paint
black craft foam
small orange or red pompoms
magnet strip
glitter paint - gray (or silver glitter glue pen)
crushed pop can

I recommend preparing the can ahead of time for the kids!  Crush the pop can - do NOT crush hockey puck style, you want the can elongated.  The bottom of the can is crushed back.  The top of the can is crushed to the front.  Spray paint the can with black paint.  Let dry.

Now the kids can:  Paint on eyes and mouth.  Glue on pompom for the nose.  Cut out ears (triangles) and wings from black craft foam.  Outline wings with gray glitter paint.  Glue ears and wings to can.

Attach magnets to back of wings for use as a fridge magnet.  You could also attach a string for hanging.

0.43kbLolly Ghosts
round shape sucker/lollipop
white tissues

Drape lollies with a tissue, tie them with string at the base of the lollipop.  Decorate or draw on faces with markers.

0.43kbTissue Ghosts
white tissues or paper napkins
cotton balls or add't tissues rolled into a ball (about 1")

Place cotton ball in center of tissue, and bring tissue up on all sides and tie with string.  Draw on face with markers.  To hang:  attach a piece of string to neck - make a ghostly mobile!!

0.43kbGauze Ghosts
large plastic soda bottle
sheets of gauze (cheese cloth works great, too!)
white glue
wiggly eyes or black felt eyes

Thin down white glue with water.  Dip gauze sheets into glue and drape over the soda bottle.  Shape into a ghostly figure.  Let dry.  When dry, remove bottle and add eyes.  Hang from a string or display on a shelf for a spooky decoration.  You can easily make a larger one from cheese cloth and hang outside!

0.43kbLunch Bag Ghosts
white lunch bags
black construction paper or black felt

Children cut out and glue on their black eyes, nose and mouth.  You can add white streamers or gauze from the bag for  a more goulish look!

0.43kbCotton Ball Ghosts
Children can cut out a simple ghost pattern and glue cotton balls onto their ghost.  Add wiggly eyes and hang with string/fishing line from the ceiling.

0.43kbPaper Plate Masks
Help the children cut out areas for the eyes, nose and mouth from the middle of the paper plate.  Provide tissue paper, construction paper, dried pasta, and other materials for them to create their own masks.

0.43kbLittle Pumpkins (to use with song "Five Little Pumpkins")
Let the children draw and cut out their little pumpkins from orange construction paper.  Use a black marker or pencil crayon andhelp them draw on faces.  Glue to a wooden dowel or popscle stick and recite the "Five Little Pumpkins".

0.43kbFinger print Spiders 
Have the children use a black non-toxic ink pad to make fingerprints on a piece of paper. Have the children draw on eight legs on their finger prints to represent spiders.

0.43kbLarge Paper Plate Spiders
small paper plate (head) 
large paper plate (body) 
black streamers (legs) 
white construction paper or googly eyes 
black tempera paint 

Staple the smaller plate to the larger plate. Have the child paint both sides black. Then add black streamers for legs and white construction paper for eyes (or goodly eyes). Hang them from the ceiling using fishing line or string.

0.43kbSpider Webs With Paint & Marbles
White tempera paint 
Black construction paper 
Aluminum pie plates 

Fill a small bowl with white paint. Drop in the marbles to coat. Cut circles out of black construction paper that will fit into the pie plates. Place a couple of marbles on the paper. Roll the marbles around by tilting the plate. The white paint trails make spider webs. When the paint is dry, put a spider sticker in the middle. 

0.43kbPaper Chain Skeletons 
Use white paper to form 5 paper chains (arms, legs, and body), and then connect to make a skeleton. Trace children's hands and feet on white paper, cut and glue to the ends of the arms and legs. Cut an oval shape and draw on the face. Hang him up!

0.43kbHalloween Play Dough
Make orange playdough using orange flavored koolaid for the color. Add pumpkin seeds to the dough for textured fun!

0.43kbPaper Bag Scarecrows 
Small brown paper bags 
Yarn or other decorative materials for hair 
Newspaper for stuffing 
Crayons, markers, or tempra paint 
Construction paper for arms and feet
Scraps of fabric for clothes (optional) 

Make a face on one paper bag. Glue on hair. Cut the bag in half and put newspaper inside the bag for stuffing. Tape or staple bottom to close. Stuff the second paper bag for the body. Cut construction paper to make arms and feet. Glue head onto the body. Cut fabric for clothes. Glue onto the paper bag. Stuff the second bag with newspaper. Tape closed.

0.43kbHandprint Bats
Fold a piece of black construction paper in half. Help the children trace their handprint onto the paper (with the wrist at the fold of the paper). Cut out & unfold paper. You will have a "double  handprint" that looks like a bat with its wings spread open. Add wiggly eyes and hang from the ceiling (use fishing line and the bats will appear to "float"!)

Songs, Finger Plays & Nursery Rhymes

0.43kbFive Little Pumpkins

Five little pumpkins were sitting on a gate.
The first one said, "It's getting mighty late."
The second one said, "There are witches in the air."
The third one said, "I really don't care."
The fourth one said, "Let's run, run, run."
The fifth one said, "It's Halloween fun!"
"Whooo" went the wind, and out went the light,
And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight.

0.43kbI'm A Little Pumpkin 
       Sing to the tune of "I'm A Little Teapot" 

I'm a little pumpkin, short and stout, 
Packed full of seeds that you can scrape out. 
When you're all finished, then I'll be, 
The cutest jack o'lantern you ever did see! 

0.43kbThree Little Witches
One little, two little, three little witches 
Fly over haystacks, fly over ditches. 
Slide around the moon without any hitches, 
Heigh, Ho, Hallowe'en's here!

0.43kbHallowe'en Is Here
When goblins prowl
    Make fingers walk.
And hoot owls howl,
    Make goggles with hands around eyes.
"Whoo! whoo!"
    Cup hands around mouth
When witches fly
    Flutter hands in air
"Oooo! oooo!"
Boys and girls, don't shake with fear
It just means Hallowe'en is here!

0.43kbBlack Cat
A big black cat with eyes so green
    Point to eyes
Went out on the night of Hallowe'en.
He saw a witch.
    Bring fingertips in a peak over head.
He saw an owl.
    Form circles around eyes with fingers and thumbs
And then he began to "Meow, meow, meow."

0.43kbOwl's Eyes
    Make a mask with hands.

See my big and scary eyes,
    Thumb and index fingers make owl's eyes.
Get ready for a big surprise.
    Turn them upside down backwards, put them on and peer out.

0.43kbFive Little Goblins
    Five fingers bend down one at a time.
Five little goblins on Hallowe'en night,
Made a very, very spooky sight.
The first one danced on his tippy-tip toes;
The next one tumbled and bumped his nose;
The next one jumped high up in the air;
The next one walked like a fuzzy bear;
The next one sang a Hallowe'en song.
Five little goblins played all night long!

0.43kbWhat Am I?
What am I? A face so round,
    Form circle with hands.
And eyes so bright,
    Touch eyes.
A nose that glows,
    Touch nose.
My, what a sight!
    Clasp hands.
A fiery mouth with a jolly grin,
    Touch mouth and grin.
No arms, no legs, just head to chin.
    Shake arms and legs, touch head and chin.

0.43kbIf I Were a Witch

If I were a witch,
I'd ride on a broom
    One fist rides on top of other, waving through the air
And scatter the ghosts
With a zoom, zoom, zoom!
    Sweeping motion.

0.43kbFive Little Ghostesses
Five little ghostesses,
Sitting on postesses,
Eating buttered toastesses,
Greasing their fistesses,
Up to their wristesses.
Oh, what beastesses,
To make such feastesses.

0.43kbTo the Bat 
Bat, bat, come under my hat,
And I'll give you a slice of bacon;
And when I bake, I'll give you a cake,
If I am not mistaken


0.43kbMonster Munchies
shredded carrots or shredded cheese
peanut butter or cheese spread
Round cookie cutter (or upside down glass)

Using the cookie cutter, cut out a circle from a slice of bread.  Spread peanut butter or cheese spread over the entire circle.  Cut two slices of banana for eyes.  Place a few raisins for nose and mouth.  Cut celery pieces to use for eyebrows and/or ears.  Use shredded carrots or cheese for curly hair.  Let the children be as creative as they want.  you can add new ingredients and let the children experiment.

0.43kbCat Cookies
Oreo Cookies
Candy Corn
Black Licorice
White frosting
green and red M&M's

Spread the frosting on the cookie.  Place the two green M&M's on as the eyes.  Place the red one on as the nose.  Cut the licorice into small pieces (about an inch) and place them on as whiskers.  Put on a small amount of the frosting on the bottom of (2) candy corns and place them on the top of the cookie as the ears!

0.43kbGhostly Snack
refrigerator biscuits
melted butter or margarine
cinnamon/sugar mixture

Let the children separate the biscuits and shape each like a ghost.  Roll them in melted butter and then in cinnamon/sugar mixture.  Bake as directed on package.

0.43kbWitches' hats 
Bugles Snack food 
Spreadable cheese 
Round crackers 

Spread cheese on crackers. Top each cracker off with a Bugle to complete the effect.

0.43kbChocolate Spiders 
12 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips 
5 1/4 oz. mini marshmallows 
thin licorice strips (black or brown) 

With an adults help, melt chocolate in the microwave or double boiler until melted. Stir until smooth. Add marshmallows. Place by spoonfuls on waxed paper. Decorate with licorice "legs". Let dry. Nuts and raisins can be added. Makes about 16 spiders.

0.43kbPumpkin Fluff
two 16 oz containers of nondairy whipped topping
30-oz can of pumpkin pie filling
crumbled graham crackers
3-oz plastic cups

Mix together the whipped topping and the pie filling in a large bowl.
Spoon the mixture into the cups. Top each cup with graham cracker crumbs and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

0.43kbOrange Sherbet Ice Cream
In a blender, place 1 1/2 ounces of unsweetened frozen orange juice, 1/4 cup unsweetened frozen apple juice concentrate, 1 cup of nonfat milk and 3 1/2 cups of water. Blend well. Pour mixture into a baking pan and place in the freezer. Stir thoroughly every hour for 6 to 7 hours. Makes 16-20 small servings.

0.43kbCheesy Pumpkins
Velveeta cheese
raisins (eyes)
thin red licorice (mouths)
parsley (hair)

Give the kids a chunk of velveeta cheese to roll into a ball.  Add the raisins, licorice and parsley features.  Serve with crackers for a nice snack!


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