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Dinosaur Theme

Crafts & Activities
Songs, Finger Plays & Nursery Rhymes

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Papier Mache Dinosaur Egg 
Cover a balloon with newspaper strips and papier mache paste. When dry, paint the egg with the kids, discussing the color of "real" dinosaur eggs. Make a nest for the egg in the corner of the room and after a few days cut it open (out of sight of the kids!) and put in a handful of the teeny tiny plastic dinosaurs (available at $ stores). Use these little dinosaurs for activities throughout the rest of the theme 

Fossil Hunt 
Put cornmeal in the water table instead of water. Collect washed and bleached chicken bones and I hide these  in the cornmeal. Include magnifying glasses, paint brushes, trays to put the bones on, plastic bags for collecting. 

Dinosaur Cereal Art 
Cut out dinosaur shapes from cardboard and have the children glue cereal on to add texture. When the glue has dried the children can paint their dinosaurs! 

Collecting Fossils 
Ask each child to bring one item for a fossil. This will need to be something the child does not expect back! (e.g.. McDonalds toy, hair barrette, lego, bottle caps, etc.) This is a group activity. Make a bed of sand in the bottom of a box, press all the items gently into the sand, pour in plaster of paris to cover all items. When it dries, pop it out of the box and the kids can brush away the sand to see their very own fossil. 

Plant or Meat Eaters
Serve celery and smoked sausage for snack. Discuss how some dinosaurs eat only plants and some eat only meat. Ask the children what type of eaters they would be. 

Dino Bean Bag Toss
Decorate different sized boxes with dinosaur shapes. Have the kids toss bean bags into the boxes. You can assign different points to each box to make it more challenging. 

Fossil Necklaces 
Prepare self hardening clay - give each child enough to make a 2" ball. Have them flatten it with their palm and make a hole in the top with a straw. They can now make "fossil" prints in the flat surface of the clay using small chicken bones, small plastic dinosaurs, leaves...etc. 

Walk on Dinosaurs Back
With a balance beam or tape on the floor, have the children practice "walking" on a dinosaurs back. 

3D Dinosaurs
Have the children cut 2 dinosaur shapes (the same) from brown paper bags. Let the decorate them as they wish with markers, etc. Staple around the outside edge and stuff with newspaper for a 3D dinosaur! 

Dino Laid an Egg
  Tune of: This Old Man

She laid one
She laid one egg
Then was done.

Oh-Oh, she lays dino eggs
Lays them one by one,
She lays eggs until she is done.

She laid two
She laid two eggs
That were blue. Repeat Chorus

She laid three
She laid three eggs
By a tree.  Repeat Chorus

She laid four
She laid four eggs
Not one more.  Repeat Chorus

She laid five
She laid five eggs
That hatched ALIVE!   Repeat Chorus

I'm a Mean Old Dinosaur
   Tune of:  I'm A Little Teapot

I'm a mean old dinosaur (make a mean frown)
Big and tall.  (stretch arms high and wide)
Here is my tail,  (point to imaginary tail)
And here is my claw. (curl fingers on one hand)
When I get all hungry,  (rub tummy)
I just growl. (growl the word "growl" with hands round mouth)
Look out kids... (reach out arms)
I'm on the prowl. (lunge left and right)

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
  Tune of "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear"

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Stomped around.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Shook the ground.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Some gave fear.
Dinosaurs, dinosaurs
Wish you were here!

I'd Like to Be a Dinosaur
   Tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

I'd like to be a dinosaur, dinosaur, dinosaur
And if I were a dinosaur, I would be a _________.
(Each child can chose which dinosaur they would like to be!)

Toasted Dino Shapes
Toast wheat bread. Let the kids cut dinosaur shapes with cookie cutters.  Tint softened cream cheese with green food coloring and let the kids spread it on their own toast.

Dino Bones
Using soft pretzel dough, or biscuit dough, let the kids shape their own dinosaur bones. Bake and eat! 

Dinosaur Dip 
Make pistachio pudding as per package instructions. Cut fruit into large pieces and dip into pudding! 

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