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Sample Invoice

Note:  I have an invoice (for each parent) set up in Microsoft Works so that the columns calculate for me.  I just need to change the date and any fee amounts or adjustments as needed each month. I print off two copies; one for my accounts receivable file and the other is given to the parent in a sealed envelope.  Once the parent has paid, I mark my file copy as paid, the date paid, and how it was paid (cheque or cash).
XXX Family Daycare
1234 Some Street
Anywhere, BC
Z3Z 5B3

November 25, 2003

Mr. & Mrs.  Parent
5678 That Avenue
Anywhere, BC
B3B 8N9

RE:  Childcare for Jake & Jenna

Billing Date: Nov. 25/05
Previous Balance: $175.00

Date Details Fees Subsidy Payments
Nov. 1 fees paid (175.00)
Nov. 25 December fees 500.00 (95.00)
Nov. 25 adj. for Nov. 11 (school holiday - Jenna) 12.50
512.50 (95.00) (175.00)

This amount is due on December 1, 2005

All child care fees are payable in advance on the first of each month.  Thank you.

Feel free to use this document or any portion of the document for your daycare business. However, please respect its copyright and do not put it on your website.  Thank you!

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