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Sample Start-Up Budget
for a Home Child Care Business

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Fire Extinguishers $    80.00
Fence $ 1600.00
Licensing Package $    25.00
Toys & Books $  300.00
Art & Craft Supplies $  100.00
Advertising $  100.00
Safety Equipment** $    60.00
Memberships*** $    25.00
Office Supplies* $   100.00
Miscellaneous**** $    50.00
Total Start-up Budget $2430.00

  *Office supplies will include materials or services needed to print your handouts (handbook, contract, etc) and other daycare forms such as printer ink, paper, pens, pencils, stapler/staples, as well as receipt books, computer programs, etc....basically anything needed to take care of the business end of things.

 **including safety gates, electrical outlet plugs, drawer & cabinet locks, etc.

***Memberships for child care associations you belong to or plan on joining in the near future.

****Miscellaneous will include supplies &  equipment purchased or needed for daycare purposes such as: seasonal wall decor, playroom clock, furnishings - table & chairs, high chairs, booster chairs, shelving/cabinets, etc.  These could be broken down into smaller categories in the budget plan if you wish.

When planning your budget keep in mind that you don't need to purchase everything all at once!  Start out with the basics, and all safety supplies & equipment as required by law.  Add to your supplies and equipment as needed or as your income allows.

Feel free to use this document or any portion of the document for your daycare business. However, please respect its copyright and do not put it on your website.  Thank you!

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