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About Me

Hi, my name is Linda. My dear hubby and I recently relocated back into the interior of B.C. and I am busy getting our house ready for re-licensing - such!! I have been providing licensed family child care in our home since May 1996. Prior to that I worked outside the home in marketing and advertising.

We have four grown children in our blended family...his, mine, and no ours - unless four-legged critters count!! In that case...we have Buddy, a 11 year old golden lab; Sadie, a 6 year old grey/orange mottled persian (mostly grey); Skittles, a 4.5 year old orange tiger striped persian. Skittles is Sadie's daughter! They all have the habit of following me around the and my shadows!!

My favorite past times are antique shopping, reading, sewing, crafts, meeting with friends & family, visiting my favorite sites & forums, and designing web pages! 

Enjoy your visit. I hope that you find a little something to take away with you!

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