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Wecome To H-town Finest

Whats up ladies of blackplanet it`s that boy B out that H-town i don`t have any pictures on here right now but i surely meet your need later bit let me tell you a little info about me
I stay on the Southside of Houston In school somewhere eles right now though im 19 goin 20 in March i have Blk Hair Brown eyes Drak Brown Skin Briads and all that good shit medium Bulit 5,7 bout 180ib
My turns on : Females Pretty face Thick hip Small stomich Carmel skined PertRican femals Long hair Love my black females too Dislikes: Bad Hygean sloppy nasty females fuck up hair

20yrs old

Houston Tx
A Man not a boy
3ward vet


Holla at me
CLICK HERE for hot music how i feel It hurt to love someone and not be loves in ruturn but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let that someone know how you feel It`s true we don`t knwo what we`ve got until it`s gone but it`s also tru that we don`t know what we`ve ben missing until it arrives It take only a mintute to get a crush on someone, An hour to like someone and a day to love somone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone writting by me H_Town

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