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August 30, 2001-Guess What!!! WHat? Nothing!! Nm... I just won my first award it is so cool but I dont want to make a awards page so just belive if you don't then i will send it to you. All i know is i did it and thats all!! Any Questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 29, 2001-I put up a Screen Shots page, and now only have 11 but I am stilling getting more. I also have been checking out some sweet action figures. So goto this url to check them out Any Questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 28, 2001-I am adding more and more pics to each character. So check it out. Also I made my self a splash page. I know the banner is kinda crapy becaouse I just lost my Program to do it with. So give me site out and remember to vote. Thanx! Any Questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 26, 2001-I added more goku pics and looking for some new topsites. If you have any please show me them. I also made a new button so check it out also. Thanx!! Any other questions, e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 23, 2001-Hey, I just added new pics and im working ot get more affiliates so keep it up. Also remember to vote for me. I have been updateing my pages everyday to keep it up so i should get some votes how about let go!!! Any other questions, e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 22, 2001-Well guyz it looks like my site is doing good. Please vote for me and give your site to your friends and stuff. But I am still waiting for the affiliates and haven't been able to watch dragonball so i ordered all the movies which i watched with my cousin all night!!! So any questions about dragonball just ask me or e-mial me Any other questions, e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 20, 2001-Hey guys I joined a new topsite as you see. Super Sayian Top 100 my bros, list. Just wanna let you know he stole that button from different top site and im not joking So wondering why i joined? Well to show his site sux and he steals. No joke? Well!!! Bye..!? Any questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 18, 2001-I made a new top sites called Gotens Rage Top 50. Please join! I have no members accept me. So join and get more hits than ever!! Any questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 17, 2001-Hey guys it me Goten, saying that I will be gone for 7 days at my grandpas but I can still update so keep sending the stuff but if it is alitte long then accept my apolige and live on. Any questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 16, 2001-This is Goten Talking saying that all the links are technally finished. I will approve each one every day. I also affiliated with Vegeta's Final Flash so thats one there is another button with the reg affiliates.Any questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 15, 2001-Hey Guyz I have 4 1/2 pages done so just sit back and relax with goten and his Elites!!! Please join the Affiliation program to have a great time with more visits!! I will decide if your a Top Affiliate or a Reg. Affiliate. Any questions e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

August 14, 2001- Welcome to Gotens Rage. This is my Second site. I just finished the!? Well anyways I am getting pics I want and stuff so dont' get mad cause it will take me a few days to get the site done otherwise please vist my other site Dragonballz xl. If you want the site please e-mail me at!!! |Goten|

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