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This effort is presented on the World Wide Web in the hope that it will be a blessing to people everywhere. We write from an inclusive Christ centered perspective, hoping to make contact with like minded souls for fellowship.

Our message is simply "God is with us."
We present an inclusive faith that remains Christ centered. There is that of God within all people. All are included. Everyone is connected in God, even if not all sense that connection. We hope you feel your own connection and inclusion.

All of us are included in the body of Christ. No decision or conversion is needed to be made on our part to be included. It was all finished by God. He destroyed any of the barriers that may have separated us. We have a relationship with God and each other.

We present the Gospel of Inclusion through Christ. God sent his Son for everyone. He is the Savior of all men, not just those that believe.

Therefore, to the people of other faiths we offer a hearty welcome. We hope you feel accepted as you are. To those in the Christian tradition, we invite you to consider and celebrate the mystical oneness of "Christ in all, and all in Christ."

Who are we? We are Friends.
We are a Christ Centered Universalist Fellowship. We believe in simple religion, avoiding the trappings of outward ceremony.

By Friends we do not refer to any denomination. That would be to misunderstand our purpose. We mean to live all of life from the realization of God within every man.

We meet wherever two or three are gathered with Christ in our midst. The living presence of Christ in our midst is the entire focus of our doctrine, worship, and ministry.

1) Our Doctrine: We believe in the continuing reality of the living Christ, available to all seeking souls.

2) Our Worship: The worship of God is in spirit and in truth and shall be held on a basis of the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

3) Our Ministry: All Attendees are free to participate vocally in Meetings, under a sense of God’s presence. *

Anyone could start a meeting like this.
We welcome you, and encourage you to contact us.

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